Revisiting the BrightDAO Parameters with General Magic Support

Proposal Information


Now that we have launched the Gardens BrightDAO I think it is a good time to revisit our assumptions on the Parameters for Tao Voting and Conviction Voting.

General Magic has been working with Commons Stack and Token Engineering Commons to build this Awesome Dashboard: Config 4 | Commons Dashboard

I propose we use the Dashboard along side the understanding we have of the current and near future expectations of Bright DAO to make new Gardens Parameters for the DAO.


  1. Upgrade the Dashboard to include smaller Conviction Voting Time options for BrightID’s use case (already done and merged today).

  2. 2 Param Parties (2-4 hours of consulting) with BrightID core team to support a well informed proposal for a new set of Parameters.

  3. Test the Votes to Upgrade the Tao Voting parameters and CV Voting parameters.

  4. Support the creation of a Forum Post summarizing the propoasal of new parameters

  5. Create the Votes to Upgrade the Tao Voting parameters and CV Voting parameters.

There will likely be some supporting work along side these deliverables to ensure the success of the project.


Griff: Param Party Host & Consultant
Mitch: DAO Developer who will test and create the votes
Sem: Advisor

Address to deliver the funds:

General Magic’s metamask wallet ( 0xc8D65E1Bd67f16522e3117B980E1c9D2CaeB9dC3 )


Total cost: 16,000 Bright

1000 will be donated to Garden’s Gitcoin Grant
1500 will go to Sem for advisory services
3500 will be used to pay General Magic salaries in Early January (ideally directly to a member that won’t sell it)
10,000 will be used to participate in Governance by General Magic and will not be sold for at least 1 year… probably never…

Side note. We want extra for governance because we hope that this will be the first of many engagements between BrightDAO and General Magic :smiley:


Talked with the crew and got an initial thumbs up! So it is live on BrightDAO


Is there a date yet for this event to happen?

We’ve been holding “Param parties”. The third one is today in 4 hours. Do you want to talk more about that and about the results of past meetings @GriffGreen ? There may be even be some video to share, or a link to the dashboard tool we’ve been using.

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O I see, I missed that, also the one of by now 7 hours ago. I listened to one such param party earlier this week, but it would be nice to see how that works for BrightID. If there is a link that would be great.