Proposal to update our Covenant

While Revisiting the BrightDAO Parameters with General Magic Support, it was realized we could use updating our covenant as well.

The Proposals section that is under Mission has been restructured and uplifted to its own section.

It was also missing a section on Reputation and review. This has been added based on the post about the proposals category.

Everything else remains the same.

Updated Covenant IPFS link: QmZx6D1pN61BkByibjoZUbJaxJhCowAmaxDVoWHvVqAKik

I would like to ask @divine-comedian or @sem to help create tao vote in our GardensDAO.

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Hi, @bitsikka and BrightID community. I create a decision vote on your Garden to update the Covenant with the above parameters. I also took the opportunity to record a quick video with the process of creating a new decision vote.

New decision vote: Gardens

Video for reference: Create Decision Vote.mp4 - Google Drive

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:tada: Thank you!!!
Super awesome!!!

I have confirmed using Best String to Hex Converter Online to Convert Text to Hex. that
QmZx6D1pN61BkByibjoZUbJaxJhCowAmaxDVoWHvVqAKik from @bitsikka 's ipfs link converts to the hex address in the decision vote 0x516d5a78364431704e3631426b427969626a6f5a55624a61784a68436f77416d617844566f5748765671414b696b

I also voted β€œyes.”