About the Proposals category


Discuss proposals to Bright DAO.

After you get positive feedback from a Bright DAO ideas post, you’re ready to create a proposal here.

Please include a link to the proposal in Bright DAO once it exists.


To increase the chance of a proposal being accepted, you may include:

  • How the proposed solution improves BrightID or Bright DAO
  • Your team (it could be just you): qualifications, portfolio, link to github, etc.
  • How the requested funds will be spent, including a breakdown of the work involved
  • Deliverables: how will we know you’ve succeeded?

Identify a Reviewer

If you do not already have a strong reputation in the DAO, you can add a reviewer to your proposal with a strong reputation who can receive the payment on your behalf and pay you upon completion and review.

Another option is to complete the work and have it reviewed before you submit your proposal.