Gitbook and Mobile Client Vietnamese Translation

My name is Kien Trung. I’m Vietnamese blockchain translator with experience in translating cryptocurrency projects on Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom and Avalanche. My proposal is to translate BrightID’s Gitbook and Mobile Client into Vietnameses language which makes the project will be more accessible with Vietnamese users and investors.
My work will consits of 4 parts

  1. Translation of Text
    My purpose is to translate text with easy-reading Vietnamese speakers in neutral way, but still maintain necessary technical manner.
  2. Translation of Imagines and Videos
    After text translation is completed, the images and videos will be translated. In case of image, BrightID’s desginers will be helpful for editing images with new Vietnamese version. In case of videos, with video ownership delegation, will be added with Vietnamese caption too.
  3. Translation of Mobile Client
    BrightID app strings will also be translated with friendly-using users way.
  4. Review translation
    All parts of my work will be meticulously reviewed to ensure that there are no typos or translation errors.

Expected duration
Will be ready in 10 days from the date of starting the order
Translation cost information:
Number of words (in Gitbook and Mobile Client) : 6424

Number of images: 67

2 videos: one of 1 min and another of 1:32
Total cost: 915 BRIGHT (~500$)
If you have any question, please freely contact with me on Discord (trungkienpeter#4008) or Telegram (@trungkienpeter)
Thank you all

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Thanks for the proposal! Did you mention that there is someone from 1Hive that will act as your reviewer? (Why is a reviewer important?)

Could you have them join this forum if they haven’t already and reply to this post?

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I was recommended by one of 1Hive members. Indeed, I offered him to be my reviewer for my proposal.

Hi, I am not sure. Do we have many users speaking Vietnamese currently?
Maybe it’s good to focus on languages with a larger userbase first, like Hindi, French or Portugese. And do Vietnamese later?
Another thought would be that Kien Trung can maybe do a few connections parties in Vietnamese first to see how many people attend. So we can make out if it’s worthwhile translating into Vietnamesee.

Based on this graphic I rank our language needs in this order:

  1. English
  2. Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin)
  3. Hindi
  4. Japanese
  5. Vietnamese
  6. Indonesian
  7. Other Indian (Bengali, etc.)

From my experience with our user base I will make the guess we want to support these languages next

  1. Spanish
  2. Russian

I think after that we can just go by number of people who can read the language or by our experience in connection parties.

  1. French
  2. Arabic
  3. Portuguese



Allright, given the userbase translating into Vietnames seems like a good idea. I think it’s even better to combine it with connection parties in Vietnamese. That would make the proposal stronger.
@trungkienpeter Would that be doable?

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