Epic 7 - Command Center UI, Aura Integration, Server Stats

This proposal is to fund continued work on the BrightId Unique Bot. Specifically, this funding will go to further development of the Command Center, Aura Integration, and Individual Server Usage Statistics

Completed work since last proposal

Most of my time was spent fleshing out the sponsorships feature, improving security of the Discord Role, and improving bot performance. I’ve also spent time maintaining tech debt and upgrading dependencies to ensure the codebase is kept up to date and maintainable.

I have started posting updates in the #brightid-for-discord Discord Channel. Here are links to those updates.

Also the Command Center is now being used in prod at https://bot.brightid.org. Can’t wait to show more of what we have in store!

Work moving forward

(In no particular order)


  1. Aura Roles
  • Over the last few weeks it has come to my attention how important Aura is to the future of BrightID and sybil resistance, specifically in Discord. Ideally in the future, Aura will further streamline the BrightID verification process. Right now. it is important for Aura users to talk to each other to coordinate at the most efficient level possible. Displaying Aura Verification levels in our Discord chatrooms/forums would be a massive help to new and existing players.

Command Center

Last Epic, I set out with the goal of making an assign sponsorships form for Discord Servers. Unfortunately, I was not able to get it out this cycle, as other features took precedent.

  1. Revamp UI in accordance with Dama’s Redesign
  2. Show cool discord server stats, like verified users, sponsored users, etc
  3. Make a form to setup Premium for servers
  4. Make a form to assign SP to discord servers
  5. Aura Role Config Controls


Adam setup a testing app for the BrightID Discord bot which will allow for much more integrated testing of key features we don’t want to break.

  1. Setup Inline Testing
  2. Write a simple test using the Discord Bot Test app as a poof of concept

Infrastructure -

  1. Host web UI on https://eth.limo


  • 1111.11 BRIGHT / hr
    (about $37.60/hr with a BRIGHT price of $0.0337)
  • 250,000 BRIGHT
    Priced in working 5 hours a day for 45 days
  • Recipient Address: 0xf4bb53efcfd49fe036fdcc8f46d981203ae3bab8