Epic 6 - Assigning Sponsorships, Testing, Premium Signup Form

This proposal is to fund continued work on the BrightId Unique Bot. Specifically, this funding will go to further development of the sponsorships feature, Command Center, and bot infrastructure.

Completed work since last proposal

Most of my time was spent releasing Sponsorships feature, tracking premium status, and adding an auto-assign role feature.

Sponsorships Release

  1. Sponsorships Flow
    Discord Server members are now given a sponsorship control flow if they are not sponsored. A sponsorship request is allowed to be made every 15 minutes per Discord account ID.

  2. Premium Sponsorships Beta
    With the size of the code change, I decided to take a slow approach to release in order to catch any critical bugs that may arise. So far it has been a smooth release, with minor, non critical bugs being patched. Sponsorships can currently be assigned in these servers:

  • BrightID
  • Ethstaker
  • BrightID Bot Dev
  • Planned Severs (district0x, Song-a-DAO, SHE, DappNode)
    Premium will be moved to open access at the end of the month.
  1. Discord Server Sponsorships
    Discord servers can now hold their own sponsorships. When a user is sponsored in a Discord Server, that sponsorship can be attributed to that server. The next step will be to allow members of the community to assign sponsorships to servers through the Command Center. Servers will be able to use sponsorships from both mainnet and idchain

Bot Upgrades

  1. Automatically add role to members on invite
    Whenever the bot is added to a server, it will loop through all the sever members and assign them the BrightID verified role if they have verified with the bot in the past. This was a highly requested feature from our users.

  2. Better Logging
    With the sponsor feature uprooting so much of the /verify flow, also took the time to improve the bot logging. Now the bot provides BrightId with information about what happened, where the commands were run, and who ran them.


  1. Heroku to Railway
    The bot instance has been successfully migrated from Heroku to Railway. This will save ~$7 a month in fees, as the bot does not extend past railway’ s free tier. It also provides us with persistent logs, less downtime during updates, and better push notifications when something goes awry.

Work moving forward

(In no particular order)


  1. Aura Roles

Command Center

  1. Revamp UI in accordance with Dama’s Redesign
  2. Point https://bot.brightid.org to web UI
  3. Show cool discord server stats, like verified users, sponsored users, etc
  4. Make a form to setup Premium for servers
  5. Make a form to assign SP to discord servers
  6. Aura Role Config Controls


Adam setup a testing app for the BrightID Discord bot which will allow for much more integrated testing of key features we don’t want to break.

  1. Setup Inline Testing
  2. Write a simple test using the Discord Bot Test app as a poof of concept

Infrastructure -

  1. Host web UI on https://eth.limo
  2. Fix auto-deployments on Vercel (Monorepo is breaking them)


  • 1111.11 BRIGHT / hr
    (about $31.55/hr with a BRIGHT price of $0.0284)
  • 250,000 BRIGHT
    Priced in working 5 hours a day for 45 days
  • Recipient Address: 0xf4bb53efcfd49fe036fdcc8f46d981203ae3bab8