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gm gm BrightID,

My name is En Canada (pronouns: they/them) and I am Head of Community at Wonderverse. In my 3 years within web3, I have built thriving communities, been an early member of JokeDAO, and a member of the Kernel community (Block 3). Now at Wonderverse, I am building the future of web3-enabled community engagement tooling.

What is Wonder Communities

We make it easy to:

  • Guide your community to impactful engagement
  • Identify your community champions

Wonderverse is building digital community tools that deliver belongingness and business’ outcomes for our customers. Our newest product creates a Discord-native “90 Day Community Journey” enabling you to make users into loyal fans.

Relevant Links:

  1. Website
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How we can help

The team at Wonderverse is excited to work closely with your community to develop an engaging community journey that drives the long term vision of BrightID. The tool enables CMs to reward onchain and offchain actions (Twitter, Snapshot, Discord, Token Verification) with a built in merch store, XP, and onchain rewards.

By using L2s, Wonder Communities enables micropayments as quest rewards. This can incentivize community actions without spending a lot of tokens. The BrightID community can use any L2 token! Token incentivization has been shown to increased traffic to the specified actions.

In the case of BrightID, we can help incentivize users signing up, tweeting about BrightID, getting verified, and much more.

90 Day Community Journey

We often see communities struggle with retention and engagement. Our solution is the 90 Day Community Journey enabled by Wonder Communities. The framework suggests communities offer user rewards based on high ROI actions. This provides support to community leaders by identifying which members are champions who will stay engaged. It also allows community members to decide if the community is worth their energy and interest level.

The 90 days allows for new users to be captured by the vibrancy of your mission and vision. A one off reward would not capture individuals in the same way. Our tool helps keep that interest over 90 days to ensure community leaders can identify and reward the champions.

Next Steps

I will be attending the Bright DAO call next week to chat quickly about Wonder Communities. I want to understand BrightID’s community pain points to better assist with removing the roadblocks that might be present.

If our solution can fix them, we can move this idea into a proposal.

Please comment below with any pain points, questions, or comments. The Wonder team is here to help!

Warm regards,

En Canada
Head of Community, Wonderverse


I’m curious how you manage the reduction in Intrinsic incentives. We have examples of communities where e.g. paying community members to answer questions led to them not answering questions unless being paid.

It’s key here to understand the psychological contract being created. If it’s about gamification the contract is about winning, i.e. getting the most rewards, points, etc.
That’s fine if the goal is related to having an army of minions to quickly execute mechanical tasks. But in other cases it might be counterproductive


Thanks @daniel_o for asking *the* question that occurred to me as well but the expression did not flow until you asked.

Wonderverse does feel like focused on transactional relationships, whereas in BrightID, we encourage the members of the public to make connections in their BrightID that represent non-transactional relationships. The later being conducive to being very hard for sybils and bots to multiply as they do easily with the former.

For this, of the community building projects I mentioned in discord thread, I prefer GivePraise and TogetherCrew.


Really appreciate the feedback.

My perspective is that attention is not free anymore like in the bull market. Due to that, micro incentivization is critical to get members in the door. The innovation from Wonder Communities is CMs can now direct the actions of members towards actions that actually provide value to the community. Our bot being completely Discord-native allows engagement within the community without having to click out or sign up to another platform.

Low hanging engagement can be rejected by requiring a review of the submissions. For example, a quest to write a tweet about BrightID has a reward of 10 XP and 0.2 USDC. If the tweet just says “BrightID is great. Good project.” that submission can be rejected. Our product allows for controls on the quality of submissions and who gets rewarded. This can help build community culture.

The 90 Day Community Journey framework is key. The actions should not be mechanical tasks, but high value tasks! Of course what is considered high value will change between community. A longer journey with more actions can help highlight who are community champions and who are not adding value. Right now there is just high incentives that result in low signal. Wonder Communities fixes this discrepancy.

To summarize:

I would say its both and. We need our communities to have incentives and we need the community visions to capture people to ensure aligned behaviors and ROI on said incentives.

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Having used Mee6 automation to try to make a guided flow for the basic task of receiving the Meets verification and the role, I can see how this can be useful in having newcomers get oriented.

My observation in BrightID discord has been that majority of people simply do not read instructions no matter how many times they have been told what need to be done and the steps to take it. Instead, they ask a crude question and expect somebody to hand-hold them one-on-one, right then and there.

This may help these people get oriented if we set them on the guided path.

Would be interesting to hear the opinions of @yazdaaniam and @EvanOnEarth.eth currently building Unitap’s LearnTap.

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