Universal Basic Income on bright ID?

I am not sure if this topic has been ever discussed. I have made a comparison between Bright ID and Proof of Humanity, and it looks to be that Bright ID could improve a lot introducing a form of Basic Income.

It looks to me that this could help Bright ID get more verified users and becoming a “killer app” of the web3.

a) the more connections you have, the more your points you have. Those points are a scoring system linked with your ID, let’s call them IDpoints.

b) you get a daily income of Bright Tokens based on:
(daily available inflation / total IDpoints) * your IDpoints
This income is staked for a certain period of time (let’s say 1 month for now)

c) Anyone can contest someone is legit staking a certain amount of BRIGHT tokens equal to the staked tokens of the contested account. Celeste arbitration solves the dispute. If the contested account is not legit, it will not only lose it’s stake but it will lose all his IDpoints, and all the “strong” connections he has will lose a certain amount of points (for example 10 times the value of a strong connection); other connection might also lose some points.

Could such a system go viral, while driving token price up, as the inflation amount would be fixed ?

What’s your toughts ?

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Hi Simone :wave:

It was discussed briefly in one of our community calls, not sure which one though.

The $Bright tokenomics where not designed as a UBI token. Ideally a UBI token would have a stable value since price can go either way. It also requires a high amount of liquidity since people who receive a UBI tend to sell their rewards.

Having said this, Hedge for humanity is already building a UBI. I think Manna is their effort to make this a reality. @UBIpromoter knows more about these two.
There is also a metaverse project I can not yet disclose I am personally working with that wants to bring a UBI to their users by integrating with BrightID.

A lot of the points you have mentioned in your post above remind me of Aura, which is a game we are working on with the help of Raid-Guild. The goals of Aura are

  • strengthen the social graph (takes a while to load, please be patient)
  • enable a scalable solution for user-verification
  • incentivize it’s users for playing the game corretly

I like the way you are thinking, keep it up :+1: :pray:
I hope you are not discouraged by the points I have made in this post, we need more people like you to make a valuable change for future generations (and grow the BrightDAO along the way :wink: ).

Btw. are you in the BrightID discord server yet? Please shoot me a private message with your discord handle if you are :pray:

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Yes, UBI and BrightID are a great combination. A UBI needs BrightID for checking the uniqueness of a person. And a UBI could be a real killer app for BrightID. Like Serge says, Manna has been there for a while. It’s on hold now though, while Manna version 2.0 is in development.
I’m not sure how this will all work out, but any UBI initiatives are welcome I guess. It really has the potential to combat poverty worldwide.