Tutorials / Walkthroughs inside mobile app

I wanted to discuss which parts of the mobile app would benefit most from having tutorials inside of the app. I’ve already designed code that greys out most of the screen, with boxes around the content that we want to highlight. Here is a list of items I think would benefit from having tutorials built inside of the app:

  1. Show users where to see and change their password
  2. Show users how to change the trust levels of connections
  3. Show users how to invite members to a group
  4. Explain what the verification sticker means
  5. Highlight how to navigate to connections / groups / apps
  6. Show users how to sort connections by trust level or date added.

I think the most important part is making connections.
It would be awesome to have a guided process that leads through the whole “make a connection” process. Do you think this could be done?

Since groups are currently not really relevant for normal users i would give them the lowest priority.


This is really important, so I agree with this one.

Adding to it, we want to guide users to setting the trust level to “recovery” for certain people. These will probably be people they haven’t connected to yet because they haven’t installed BrightID yet. The flow for me would be like:

  1. Decide that (e.g. my sister, mother, and father) are the people I want to be my recovery connections.
  2. Get those people to install BrightID
  3. Make connections with them
  4. Set their connection levels to recovery

If we can guide a user to do those steps, that would be amazing.

After they are done (with at least three), they’ll earn the “set up social recovery” achievement, but we should also let them know they can add more.

I’m not sure if we need another guide on adding / removing recovery connections (including information about the 1 week waiting period), but it’s a possibility.