Suggestion: Deliver rest of the $Bright tokens held by M3 to the BrightID stars Colony

First Suggestion:

Suggestion Information

There was already a pre-allocated amount to pay BrightID Stars for their work.
This allocation was set for the stars to have a way to get paid without the need to claim directly from BrightDao.
We expect to get the last 100.000 $Bright to pay for December and the next months.

Colony Information ( For Funding Proposals )

BrightID Stars Colony
Address: 0x4ff9205e2FE878485dAeD201e8C75BD07A58538A
You can follow this link to see the history of the previous payments and the new ones.


Funding Information ( For Funding Proposals )

Amount of BRIGHT requested: 100.000 $Bright
Address: 0x4ff9205e2FE878485dAeD201e8C75BD07A58538A