Sp Dashboard can select IDChain or Mainnet

Activate, Claim, and Assign operations on sp.brightid.org are around $20-$30 with todays gas prices. We should support these operations on IDChain for regular bridged Subs.

There should also be “dSubs” which are Subs with decimals, appropriate for trading, but lacking the “activate” and “claim” actions. There should be an interface (could be on sp.brightid.org) to easily convert Subs to dSubs and back.

Here’s my current thinking for Subs/Sp architecture on IDChain.

We have bridged Subs which correspond to mainnet tokens. We’ll probably have bridged Sp soon, too.
I think we should create idSubs and idSp which have the same functions (same contracts) as the mainnet counterparts. We should modify those contracts so you can send bridged Subs or Sp to them and it will store them and mint you idSubs or idSp so you can use them in the Sp Dashboard with IDChain selected. This way people can save $30 in gas each time they need to use the dashboard.

You can also “unwrap” idSubs or idSp into Subs or Sp as long as there are enough Subs and Sp stored in the idSubs and idSp contracts (and the idSubs or idSp aren’t assigned or activated).

Nodes can read Sp balances from both chains.

We’ve also talked about dSubs (Subs with decimals) but that might be too many flavors of Subs and better to stick with two for now.

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