Retroactive funding for Integration Cluster till July, 2023

This proposal will be used to pay the BrightID star providing front-line support for projects looking to integrate with BrightID over the course of 1.75 years.

At USD 25/hour and at $BRIGHT’s price of USD 0.046, this works out to be roughly 544 $BRIGHT per hour.

@bitsikka: 500 hrs at 544 $BRIGHT per hour => $BRIGHT 271739

Total: $BRIGHT 271739

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

  • 0x9885a84930E3C8c865A1D3dEBDC204F990BaB7C3
  • The market has shifted - current BRIGHT price around USD 0.04
  • One of the three part GardensDAO funding proposal passed but not fiat stabilized
  • Two of the three part proposal will take longer than reasonable time to pass

On these grounds

  • Rate and thus the total amount is adjusted
  • The two proposals in queue are being withdrawn and replaced with four part funding proposals

At USD 25/hour and $BRIGHT price of USD 0.04, this works out to be 625 $BRIGHT/hour
@bitsikka: 500 hrs at 625 $BRIGHT/hour => $BRIGHT 312500

Out of 312500, the first part of the proposal already disbursed 90,580 $BRIGHT

Total $BRIGHT remaining to be disbursed = 312500 - 90580 = 221920 $BRIGHT

Breaking the total remaining into 4 part, each proposal is requesting:

  • 221920/4 = 55480 $BRIGHT/four-proposals