Onboarding a new dev + Redesigning the mobile app

Hello BrightDAO members,
I asked a full-stack dev to join BrightID and learn about the BrightID structure. Mahdi has been with the guy from the beginning and recently he started his first real task on IDChain. it took 3 months and it cost me $1,400 to onboard him (as a full-time job)

I also spent about $1,600 on the new UI/UX design and implementation and now we have these pages ready: (it took 4 months)

  • Login
  • Sign up
  • Home page
  • Sidebar
  • Recovery
  • Connections
  • Apps
  • Edit profile

Here are the remainings:

  • setting
  • achievements
  • Explorer (I don’t know if we should redesign it)
  • Meet schedule (I don’t know if we should redesign it)
  • notifications
  • find friends

The total ask is $3,000 which is about 100,000 $BRIGHT

@UBIpromoter and I think this should be a core team proposal, not a BrightDAO proposal.

I’ll also mention that it’s customary for DAO proposals to go through a feedback phase as an Ideas before a proposal is made.

I changed the category to Ideas . Proposals to BDEV (core development) can be discussed in core team keybase.