Migrate from one phone to a new phone

Hi Guys, any procedure to migrate an account from a phone to another phone without doing the social recovery? i still have my old phone in control.

Hi @tbenr,

I’m afraid there is currently no alternative means of recovery. There is plan to add seed phrase and/or multisig recovery options in the future. These have been talked about in Social Recovery AMA(2 part recording is available in Youtube - highly recommend watching) and there are open issues in github.

Having said that, Social Recovery will always be preferred as far as I know. This is because BrightID’s is Social Identity(emphasis on “social”), and one’s trusted/reliable connections not only helps with recovery but to strengthen one’s sybil score.

Making meaningful connections that make one not only secure but accountable is going to be even more important as we roll out new verification levels/mechanisms in the mid future.

Glad you still have your old phone, and I hope you will study Social Recovery - BrightID documentation carefully and set it up properly.

Aside: Vitalik also wrote a post about Social Recovery that might help convince you of why it is good - Why we need wide adoption of social recovery wallets.

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@bitsikka thanks for the infos!

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Social recovery is best, but as a weaker, but possibly more convenient option, we want to allow recovering from a second device soon. It’s the next highest priority for recovery options.

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