LearnTap Game Engine Funding Proposal

Title of Proposal

LearnTap Game Engine Funding Proposal

Proposal Information

Proposal Description:

LearnTap is an incredible decentralized education platform featuring a wide array of different ways to learn! These include stories, puzzles and games that teach users through engaging and approachable challenges. People new to blockchain can discover the value of blockchain, how it works technologically, and how it impacts society - all while having fun!

To facilitate this, NoFun Labs is building a web3-integrated Game Engine to provide a running framework for gameplay, completing lessons to level up, and a system for users to make their own games.

Proposal History:

This is a follow-up to prior successful Funding Proposals (Proposal 142 and Proposal 147).

Since those proposals, the NoFun Labs team developed a complete educational game experience and web UI as a preliminary step towards building LearnTap. Some delivered features include:

  • An immersive blockchain-focused game world with its own background, characters, settings and stories
  • Unique game mechanics that teach blockchain fundamentals with zero web3 friction
  • Complete website UX/UI backend implementation and frontend design
  • Web2 game engine with scene changes and EXP animations
  • Featuring of Unitap tools (e.g. TokenTap and $TAP token)

NoFun Labs demoed the game to BrightDAO in September. The feedback was very positive, with particular appreciation for the game experience itself. The game world and its android guide Andrea LTP made viewers excited and eager to see the next chapter. The fake web wallet experience via Andrea’s AR-powered “FetaMask” popup was regarded as approachable to new users while still imparting critical web3 skills.

This positive feedback about the gaming elements is one of the many reasons why NoFun Labs chose the Game Engine as the next part of LearnTap to work on. See more reasons in the “Rationale” sections below.

Proposal Rationale: LearnTap

The Problem: The value of BrightID, BrightDAO, the $BRIGHT token and Unitap is not clear to the public. Innovations as fundamentally important and amazing as decentralized identities and DAO governance are unappreciated and undervalued.

The Solution: LearnTap. By providing diverse, easily accessible and fun experiences that imbue the fundamentals of blockchain, we can onboard the world to web3. These experiences include video games, comic books, video courses and beyond.

Proposal Rationale: Game Engine

The LearnTap platform will be a robust and efficient decentralized open market for learning content. This is a truly massive idea which could impact the way people of all ages and nations learn. With fine-tuned tokenomics, amazing UX/UI, account abstraction and web3 diplomas, the final version of LearnTap will go beyond blockchain, introducing the world to new and better ways to teach and learn.

Clearly, the breadth and scope of LearnTap and its many features is vast. That said, it is still completely achievable by systematically implementing its features step-by-step.

With the goal of completing the steps that lead to LearnTap as efficiently, rapidly and securely as possible, the NoFun Labs team has identified the Game Engine as the most valuable feature for the team to build first. This is for a number of reasons:

  1. BrightDAO Feedback - the LearnTap game demo, which featured a point-and-click RPG adventure, received fantastic feedback and encouragement. Creating a boilerplate game engine for this type of game is the first step in making more and better games.
  2. Platform Integrability - since LearnTap is more than just a game, but a platform, any game that wants to run within LearnTap should have an easy way of integrating with it. The Game Engine provides a way for many different types of games from many different creators to all run within the same platform.
  3. Revenue for Development - web3 games provide great revenue streams through the sale of premium subscriptions, aesthetic upgrades and power ups. Developing revenue streams both secures and amplifies future LearnTap development.
  4. Creator Mode - while we’re very excited to make games for LearnTap, we’re even more excited to provide a way for users to easily make their own games. The point-and-click style game engine perfectly facilitates a point-and-click style game maker UI that easily allows users to add their very own game assets and images.
  5. Partnership Opportunities - the Game Engine allows any image file to be a game asset, including a new character. This makes it easy to build games featuring NFTs and characters from other web3 projects and companies for collaborative opportunities.
  6. NoFun Labs Expertise & Specialization - creating engaging educational game experiences is the bread and butter of NoFun Labs. While there are many ways NoFun Labs can contribute to LearnTap’s development, building the core game features is the most valuable way NoFun Labs can apply its dedicated team to the cause.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):

The team expects to finish a blockchain-integrated Game Engine and demo it by early November. Key features of the new Game Engine include:

  • NFT avatars that players level up by completing lessons
  • Integration with Task smart contract to reward player actions within lessons
  • Automatic account creation and immediate gameplay - no web wallet, email, etc. required
  • Creator Mode UI that allows no-code game creation
  • Decentralized storage and public access of game assets and games themselves

Check out a preview video of what LearnTap gameplay will look like in this pinned tweet: https://twitter.com/EvanOnEarth_eth 1

Team Information & Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:

Estefania Ochoa - Governance Guru, Community Builder, Artist, Writer, Event Organizer, Educator and Web3 Veteran

  • Prior role(s): Head of Protocol Relations at Reach; Director of Event Management at InnerSpace

Evan Gottschalk - Blockchain Architect, Project Manager, Fullstack Engineer, Game Designer, Educator and Web3 Veteran

  • Prior role(s): Blockchain Architect at EcoVerse; Technology Teacher at Rogers Memorial Library

Estuardo Polanco Bobadilla - Marketing Mastermind, Brand Designer, Content Creator, Product Strategist, Educator and Web3 Veteran

  • Prior role(s): Social Media Manager at Bitfinex; Growth Marketing Manager at Reach

JP Miller - Curriculum Architect, Orator, Content Creator, Product Strategist, Educator and Web3 Veteran

  • Prior role(s): Director of Developer Experience at Reach; Program Manager at Maydm; Cofounder at Skragglies Digital Marketing and Web Design

Dr. Tammy Francis - Bizdev Guru, Blockchain Professor, Advocator for Justice, Content Creator, Educator and Web3 Veteran

  • Prior role(s): Business Development Mentor at Africa Blockchain Institute Incubation Program

Funding Information

Amount of BRIGHT requested:

We are requesting 249,999.99 $BRIGHT.

The tokens will be distributed between:

  • Paying team members for their work (engineering, UX/UI design, art, operations, etc.)
  • Paying for software overhead (software subscriptions, AI services, etc.)
  • Paying for website overhead (domain ownership, website hosting, server tools, etc.)
  • Paying for web3 overhead (gas fees, IPFS hosting fees, etc.)

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred: