Incentivizing meaningful contributions on Discord

Per the discussion in the #brightdao channel on the discord, an idea was brought up to discuss the possibility of tipping users on discord (using who made meaningful contributions. A meaningful contribution being one of (but not limited to):

  • Building content around BrightID and centered around (quizzes, articles, translations, images, memes), raising general awareness of the product and bringing it out to the public (could be linked with the referral links idea, if emerges as a proposal)
  • Suggestions and feedback regarding code, the product, marketing, and such
  • Raising a debate over a subject that hasn’t been explored nor thought as a possible part of a solution to a general problem (bringing new app-centered axioms for theory of development).
    Essentially, anything that can be considered a contribution, especially if not big enough to require a proposal. (emphasis is my own)

There is three main options to reward users at this current time, but feel free to leave a reply if you know any more.

  1. Tipping Over Discord
    Here’s a link to the discussion in the #brightdao channel where Bukaj gives their ideas about how Discord tipping could work. Note that these are baseline suggestions and can be changed before a proposal is made.

  2. SourceCred
    Sourcecred is most notably used by 1hive to reward those who are not in swarms.

  3. Coordinape (mentioned by bitsikka)
    Metanauts Guide to Coordinape 🐵. Rewarding our core community. | by 0xPenguin0x | mStable | Medium
    Here’s how mStable rewards it’s contributors.

Should we proceed with incentivizing discord contributions

  • Yes
  • No

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I think the idea is good. I would vote for tips and for coordinape. soudcred seems to me to attract a lot of people just for cultivating cred. the community goes on the defensive. It has happened to me in 1hive when one participates they call your attention because they think that I only do it for the cred that is earned.

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i do tech support at and would not recommend strongly incentivizing discord. the signal to noise ratio is too off-balance to be sustainable. develop a form that gets people to go through a few hoops before opening the discussion or you just end up with babbling idiots chasing crypto and wasting your time = my .0002


I think that the incentives should go to jobs well done such as guides, tutorials, translations, among other things. It wouldn’t be to talk nonsense hahaha

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I’d be interested in SourceCred or Coordinape as long as it doesn’t create too much extra work to keep it going (especially if no one wants to do that work). Do we have opinions from other DAOs about how much they like those tools?

Well, my initial thought was to have the tipping budget sponsored by tipping and/or voted proposals and managed from within the coordination cluster. Whomever would tip the budget, would also gain access to the coordination cluster, and in there, would be able to vote whether or not you want to tip someone with your part of the budget.

It would serve both as motivation for the tippers to frequent the cluster to vote, but also learn on the progress of the work performed by other tippers and what’s the state of coordination.

Essentially, if all of the parcitipants of the clusters were to respect each others work, we would end up with some free (as in, degree of freedom, and not ‘free of charge’) cluster funds, and upon agreement, throw the tokens at each other for performing some miniscule tasks, you’d increase the rate of circulation of $BRIGHT, and it would “leak through”.

Sort of like: “Everybody’d kick in a quarter, and then we’d each pick a three-digit number out of a hat.” (slang dictionary says it’s called a whip-round)

Is it building trust or a non-zero sum game, up to you to decide; but lets stake low and see what happens.

All it costs (for now) is to start up a Discrod channel and someone recommend a voting platform for that. Or implement a poll bot for this channel only.

I’ll paste what I wrote on Discord:

"I think that each tip should be voted by the currently Discord active members who had tipped the tipping budget, and advocated by the tipping manager in the vote.

If the person who had tipped the budget isn’t online or didn’t partake in at the moment of the vote, there are two options:
Either his percentile share of the budget is excavated from the tip, or the voting rights are passed onto the tip manager, which are two default options.
The tipping budget can be tipped, and then voted by the tippers to which tipping manager should be distributed a given quantity of the budget.
If a tip proposed by a tipping manager is greater than X, it has to be voted by all the budget tippers (essentially, becomes a proposal started by the tipping manager)."

Distributing a small amount of tokens Coordinape could be a good idea, but my opinion is that conviction voting and Gardens should be used more extensively. Then, small groups could team up and ask for bigger amount of tokens to be sent by Bright Gardens to a Gnosis Safe, and the smaller team can use Coordinape to distribute tokens among the group/swarm.

Gardens + Celeste is a dramatically better way to distribute incentives, being 100% on chain, and having built in arbitration.

From a product perspective (I am a web3 product manager, whatever this “label” means lol), conviction voting still has to reach product market fit, for one problem:


So my research question (that involves the communities of 1Hive, BrightID and others) is:

how do we encourage adoption ?

what’s the call to action that we shall encourage.

For sure it’s not writing random things on Discord. It could be something related to incentivizing whoever brings in new people that uses Bright ID, asks permissionlessly for some token in Gardens with conviction voting (if someones tries to game the system this will actually help the infrastructure to grow, for 1 bad actor we attract there will be 2 good actors joining, as long as the incentives are well designed).

Anyone interested in building a working group that involves 1Hive / BrightID and maybe GIVeth to focus on adoption and “product market fit” ? ( Product Market Fit sounds a bit corporate concept to me but maybe useful to condensate what I mean)