How users see Verifications

Users care about being verified for an app. We know they care about an app if they link to it. After a user links to an app, they should know whether they are verified for that app, and if the app has verification levels, which level they have achieved. It seems natural to show this in the apps tab.

As far as a general verification status that shows up on a user’s home screen and on the connections view for other people (instead of the “score” which will soon be removed), my thought is that if a user has a verification that qualifies them for at least one app, they have a somewhat faded “partial” verification sticker that everyone can see. If they have qualified for all the apps they’ve linked it is a full verification where it is a bright orange.

This way you can visually check the progress of yourself and friends. What I care about checking is: has my friend gotten verified for the apps they care about?

Places this should show: home screen, connection list (for each connection), apps tab (next to each app that is verified) (any others?)

See also this issue about showing the full list of apps and related github issues.

I’m not sure i like the “partial” idea. We will soon have a lot more apps, and people will link with many of them just to try it out. So they probably don’t bother getting verified for each app context the link. So they will stay longer/forever in the “partial” state.
Can we not assume that brightId context will always be the first one to be verified? Than we could use it as a kind of default context. When you are verified with brightID you are shown as verified.

Another idea is to keep the “partial” state, and when clicking on an entry of the connection list you get a fullscreen detail view, showing photo, name and verification status for each individual app.

Good point about linking to an app you don’t care about that has some strict extra requirement and then staying in a partial state forever.

Maybe there is some better way for users to show which verifications they care about and if they have them all then show a “complete” verification.

What I’m trying to avoid is a user seeing something that says they’re verified then going to the app they care about and seeing they’re not actually verified and getting confused, but maybe that’s not a big deal and we can just show a very minimal verification on the home screen, but if we do that maybe they will think they’re verified after those minimal steps and stop doing more to really get verified.

Actually I think the best solution is just have one mid-range verification that shows up on the home screen. Another option is to just show nothing on the home screen and make users go to apps to see their verifications. I’m o.k. with either one. What do you think?

How about showing “verified with 4 apps” on the home screen. To see details which apps are verified the user needs to go to the apps page.


Good point. I prefer your idea of showing how many apps you’re verified for.

Then we have two options for the “overall” verification that we show people (on the home screen, the connection confirmation, and the connection list).

  1. Don’t show an overall verification until they’re linked and verified for at least one app (and show the number of apps you’re verified for and linked to).
  2. Have one or more “overall” verification that we show (right now it’s “BrightID”)–but we could also think about showing levels–imagine a sticker that changes number, shape, or color based on your level.

I prefer the second option. We should start using stickers/badges again.

I do not think we can consider number of apps that users linked to as number of apps they care about. I also do not think relying on number of apps users verified for be the right approach to show their progress in achieving different levels of verification.

  • We should have a badge for every verification.
  • Achievements list can be renamed to verifications list.
  • We should have a link to verifications list in the home screen.
  • Showing 3-5 most important verification badges that users achieved in the home screen helps users to not forget that they should have progress and motivate them.
  • We can start with BrightID, Yekta and Seed Connected verification badges.
  • I really like @castall idea to change number, shape, or color of badges based on the verification level.
  • BrightID verification will be removed in few months after apps start using other verifications.
  • We can also have a different verification/badge for every seed group that users can achieve by connecting to that group members.
  • Seed Connected can still have it’s own badge with different levels indicating number of seed groups the user is connected to

Don’t confuse verification with achievements. Achievements are very important to guiding a user to take important small steps in BrightID to getting their first app linked and verified and securing their account.

Here’s a list of achievements we should have.

That said, the idea of a “verifications” screen (or enhanced apps screen) is good to let users see their levels for all the apps they care about.