Giveth<>BrightDAO shared liquidity proposal

Hey BrightDAO team! Over at Giveth, we have created and are ready to move forward on a proposal to share liquidity between DAOs. This proposal is directly related to a proposal on the Giveth forum:

$100k token swap with Bright DAO and Giveth treasury, in order to deposit $200k BRIGHT<>GIV LP on Honeyswap.

Proposal Description:
Giveth and Bright DAO have both expressed interest in splitting DAO-owned liquidity for BRIGHT<>GIV on Honeyswap, funded from each DAO’s Treasury. We’ll complete the following in order to execute the treasury swap:

  • Giveth requests $100k in GIV, simultaneously requesting $100k in BRIGHT from Bright DAO.
  • On passing, tokens will be sent to a shared 4 of 6 multisig with 3 Giveth members and 3 Bright DAO members.
  • Tokens will be added to the BRIGHT<>GIV shared liquidity pool on Honeyswap

Proposal Rationale:
Giveth and Bright DAO have a strong connection and aligned interests for the future of Web3. Sharing liquidity brings synergy to both projects:

  • DAO-owned liquidity is a good long-term token liquidity solution vs. renting liquidity with rewards.
  • Strengthens the friendship between Bright DAO and Giveth - both communities are incentivized to act in each other’s interest.
  • Shared liquidity acts as treasury diversification for both DAOs.

Expected delivery date:
Upon each proposal passing, the multisig will aim to have liquidity added to Honeyswap within a week.

Team Information:
Contacts: @hotl.eth @Griff
Multi-Sig: Willy, Lauren and Mitch


This looks great. Please respond if you’d like to be considered for the one the three multisig spots representing BrightID. This is a good opportunity to build up your respectability among fellow DAO members.


I think the support between dao is excellent, they should implement more proposals like this since it is a very good union for the parties involved and strengthens the tokens


:raised_hands: I support this and volunteer myself to be in the multisig.


Awesome. Need 2 more.

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I’m in for the Bright side of the multisig :slight_smile:

Yay!! Ok I think we have all the addresses!

Vote is up in the GIVgarden!

Vote is also up in the BrightDAO: