Gitbook Polish Translation & extras

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
I’m PJ. Just your regular, everyday normal guy. My proposal is to translate the BrightID’s Gitbook to Polish. I respect your time, so just message me at Bukaj#2213 on Discord if you want to officially review this document for a tiny and discussable (in percentiles) profit share, or if there are any suggestions regarding the working document file.

Deliverables, a.k.a. 'I made this (not entirely)'

Website to review:

Image translations to review (or translate):

Youtube captions to review or translate (Eng and PL):

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
Now. Also, real time (with delay) applicable edits.

Translation cost:
…for the worker is worth his keep.
(Responsibility of inflating the wages of a translator’s job market is at your hands, feel free to tip me whatever amount of $BRIGHT you find sufficient)

To be fixed or added:

  • Full app translation

Additional information:
I will use and bump this thread to inform on the progress (unless the DM option is preffered), and link the remaining features once added.


There is an easter egg for the reviewers hidden in the translation. Hope you’ll find it before the Easter.

Also, shoutout to Dama for the help she had provided.