Gitbook and BrightID app Russian Translation

Proposal Information

My name is Vladislav. Many Russian users are currently interested in the BrightID and me and Egor YFalse want to make it easy for them to learn about it. Our proposal is to translate Bright ID’s gitbook (BrightID - BrightID) into Russian language.


Step 1: Information analysis

First, we will analyze the information on BrightID - BrightID

Step 2: Text translation

We will translate the text, paying attention to the peculiarities of the Russian language. Any Russian person will be able to understand all the information without going into details

Step 3: Images translation

We will translate the images. The text for each image will be written to a doc file. We will work with photo editing software to change the text on the image.

Step 4: Review

The text will be reviewed for errors and typos.

Step 5: Release

The translation will be published on BrightID - BrightID

Additional Information:

The translation is finished and you can see it on: BrightID - BrightID-Русский

Also, Egor worked on the translation of the BrightID app, which is already finished and published. It took ~25 hours ($10 per hour)

Translation cost information:

Gitbook:16670 $BRIGHT (~$500)

BrightID app: 8330 $BRIGHT (~$250)

Total cost: 25000 $BRIGHT (~$750)

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It seems good. Go ahead and make the proposal in BrightDAO.