Filipino Translation

Proposal Information
Filipino Translation

Proposal description:

My name is Isaak Mon Zapata, a translator with experience. I have worked for different Dao’s/Protocols and cryptocurrency. My proposal is to translate Bright ID’s gitbook (BrightID - BrightID ) into Filipino language. I highly respect the valuable time of the people, so I work with and emphasize on creating a translation plan that has minimal impact on the client’s daily operations.

The work will consist of 3 parts

  1. Translation of the Text

First, the complete text of the gitbook will be translated, considering the specific issues of the sector and culture, in this case it will be as neutral as possible so that it reaches all Spanish speakers.

  1. Translation of images and videos

After the text translation, the images and videos will be translated. In the case of images, some may require editing. In this case, Bright ID’s designer could be used. In the case of videos, fully translated captions would be added.

  1. Review and delivery of the translation

After the translation, the text and images will be meticulously reviewed to ensure that there are no typos or translation errors.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):

Will be ready in two weeks (after start order).

Translation cost information:

Number of words: 4825

Number of images: 67

2 videos: one of 1 min and another of 1:32

Total cost: 1000 Bright

If you would like more information about me and my professional background, I will be happy to provide it. Thanks :slight_smile: