EthDenver BrightID evangelism

Title of proposal

EthDenver BrightID evangelism

Proposal description and rationale:
An accurate and detailed description of what you are proposing. Detailed rationale for why this proposal exists and should matter to BRIGHT holders and/or the BrightDAO community

I will onboard people to BrightID, give them BrightID stickers, help people try Aura for the first time, build and present a project that uses BrightID, and possibly talk on Aura and Unitap at ETHDenver and SchellingPoint. I will meet in person with partners that are using BrightID in their projects, and help anyone new that wants to integrate.

I’m proposing a travel stipend that includes only the following:

  • Airfare $200
  • Ground transportation $200
  • 10 nights hotel $500

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
How long do you think it will take to deliver on your proposal

I will be at ETHDenver from Feb 24th to Mar 5th

Team Information

Names, usernames, and/or relevant social links for team members (Twitter, Github, BrightDAO Forum, etc.):

Adam Stallard, Founder BrightID

Funding Information

Amount of BRIGHT requested:

$900 = 24,324 Bright

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

0xdC0046B52e2E38AEe2271B6171ebb65cCD337518 adamstallard.eth

The proposal is live here Gardens