Epic 8 - Collabland Marketplace, Command Center Statistics, SBT Verification for Guild.xyz

I request funding for the purpose of continuing my work on the BrightID Discord bot, enhancing its existing functionality, and implementing additional features. Below, you will find a summary of the work completed since my last proposal, alongside the planned work moving forward.

Completed Work Since Last Proposal
BrightID Bot Commit History

  1. Tech Debt:

    • Established a dedicated BrightID node for the Discord bot to manage overload efficiently
    • Transitioned the bot to utilize Rescript Core, thus improving code readability
    • Refined error handling and standardized the Sponsorship flow for both premium and server sponsors
    • Adapted the code to accommodate the removal of the “timestamp” field from the contextID response in the latest node sync
    • Addressed breaking changes introduced by the discord.js update
  2. Admin Features:

    • Enhanced log message status with the state of the sponsor request, which includes states: [Requested | Failed | Successful | Error]
  3. Bot Features:

    • Implemented a fallback mechanism to backup nodes in cases where the primary BrightID node experiences rate limiting
    • Updated server sponsorships to facilitate users donating sponsorships directly to any server

Forward-Thinking Work:

  • Devised plans and laid the groundwork for fetching Aura node verifications
  • Established a server to fetch Aura verifications
  • Developed the fallback logic within the BrightID SDK to benefit other apps using the node infrastructure

Work Moving Forward:

  1. Begin porting over bot features to into a collabland compataible marketpla
  2. Develop a BrightID App for the recently launched Collabland Marketplace, in response to the expressed interest of many in extending the Verified role to more servers and supporting features such as quadratic voting.
  3. Display the statistics for each server (Verified members, sponsorships used)
  4. Begin work on Ethereum integration for Meets Verification, with the use of soulbound tokens. Do research into best practices for implementation as well as scope out appropriate workload.
  5. Round out any rough edges and complete work on the BrightID Discord Bot and the Discord Command center in order to focus more on other work

Funding Details:

  • BRIGHT rate: 0.04540963
  • Requested amount: 250,000 BRIGHT
  • Estimated work hours: 5 hours per day for 45 days
  • Recipient Address: 0xf4bb53eFcFd49Fe036FdCc8F46D981203ae3BAB8

Your invaluable support for the continued development and improvement of the BrightID Discord bot is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your attention and consideration.

@youngkidwarrior do you think Aura integration will be done through Soulbound tokens representing Aura verification?