Epic 5 - Premium Sponsorship Subscription, Testing, Command Center Design Overhaul

This proposal is to fund continued work on the BrightId Unique Bot. Specifically, this funding will go to further development of the sponsorships feature, Command Center, and bot infrastructure.

Completed work since last proposal

Most of my time was spent improving the Command Center UI and working on Sponsorships

Tech Debt

  1. Improved performance in the Command Center
    Previously the Command Center would load all the data for a page before the html, which would slow down the responsive navigation feeling and make it nearly unusable on a slow internet connection. I’ve now split the data loading responsibilities between data fetchers which load after the html and decrease perceived loading time.

  2. A new Shared package for better code reusability
    The app, bot, and scripts were using a lot of the same types, modules, and bindings, but had their own copies in each package. These have been moved into a Shared package to ensure synchrony between apps and packages

  3. Improved code architecture and readability for Remix data fetchers
    I had used some hacky Functional Programming techniques that were bogging down my workflow. I did another pass through over the code and cleaned it up with proper coding techniques. This will not only improve readability but should also allow for writing more expressive UI components.

Command Center Improvements

  1. Met with Dama to architect an official site design
    Dama and I met to go over the various features the Command Center offers.

  2. Servers can sign with their Ethereum address to add sponsorship functionality

  3. Help users get Verified with BrightID

Bot Upgrades

  1. /Verify Command will automatically sponsor users

Whenever the “/verify” command is run, the bot will query the blockchain and check if the server has ay available sponsorships. If it does, it will automatically use a sponsor to sponsor the user on the server’s behalf. (I haven’t turned this on yet)

Premium Sponsorships

Here is the subscription model we came up with: BrightID Discord Premium - HackMD

I have been working in tandem with Adam and Philip to integrate a Sponsorships-as-a-Service subscription model for the Discord Bot. I believe making it as easy as possible for users to get Verified will improve the quality of the internet and the crypto community drastically. Therefore we plan to release a paid subscription model for Discord Servers to have unlimited access to sponsorships. This should also help fund the bot development.

  1. Premium Sponsorships Form
    WhileI develop this feature into the Command Center, I have setup a google form to handle this manually for the time being.

Work moving forward

Command Center

  1. Revamp UI in accordance with Dama’s Redesign
  2. Point https://bot.brightid.org to web UI
  3. Show cool discord server stats, like verified users, sponsored users, etc
  4. Make a form to setup Premium Sponsorships for servers
  5. Allow Discord members to get sponsored in the command center


Adam setup a testing app for the BrightID Discord bot which will allow for much more integrated testing of key features we don’t want to break.

  1. Setup Inline Testing
  2. Write a simple test using the Discord Bot Test app as a poof of concept

Infrastructure - (This carries over from epic 4)

  1. Moving the bot from Heroku to Railway
  2. Release the web UI on Vercel w/ auto deployments and PR deployments
  3. Host web UI on https://eth.limo


  • 1333.33 BRIGHT / hr
    (about $40/hr with a BRIGHT price of $0.0304)
  • 300,000 BRIGHT
    Priced in working 5 hours a day for 45 days
  • Recipient Address: 0xf4bb53efcfd49fe036fdcc8f46d981203ae3bab8