Earn BRIGHT tokens, passive

step 1
To start earning BRIGHT tokens, you must have an amount of them.
if you don’t have you can go to honeyswap and buy
link :point_right:Honeyswap Interface
Screenshot 2021-10-31 09.42.27
you buy the amount you want
Step 2
already having your BRIGHT you go to Gardens
link :point_right: Gardens

connect your wallet and enter BrightDAO

already within the brightDAO you must deposit your BRIGHT tokens
Screenshot 2021-10-31 09.51.48
you give the WRAP button
Screenshot 2021-10-31 09.53.41
it will tell you what you are doing
Wrap BRIGHT to receive gBRIGHT
The amount you wrap will be available to bet and vote on proposals
Screenshot 2021-10-31 09.56.26
first you will approve and then you will send
you confirm the transaction with metamask
After the confirmations of with metamask you will have your BRIGHT tokens available in gBRIGHT that you can use to vote on the proposals and in turn earn more gBRIGHT tokens
Screenshot 2021-10-31 10.01.14
To claim the gBRIGHT tokens you just have to click on claim and they will be added to your balance
I hope this guide will help you.