Devcon VI Bogota QF Impact booth assistance

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Devcon VI Bogota QF Devbooth assistance

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Quadratic Fund,, requested personal assistance from the BrightID team at their Impact Booth during the Devcon VI Bogota event, to offer ongoing assistance to event attendees.

The BrightID core team agreed to provide assistance but since the expenses during the event were not clear, they decided to wait until the end of the event to ask for the expenses to be covered afterwards.

500 $DAI are requested to cover the expenses of the entrance to the event, plane tickets, transportation and hotel, from October 6 to October 17.

Proposal Rationale
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Bearing in mind that education is a fundamental part of the development of the BrightID project, it is necessary to support projects that seek to contribute to the community in every possible way, in this case and given the magnitude of the event that is DEVCON VI It was essential that we provide support since in this way we could resolve doubts, solve problems, verify users and contribute to the understanding of the BrightID project in general.

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The expenses occurred from October 6 to 17, 2022, for the DEVCON VI Bogota event, for which a reimburse is proposed.

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BrightID Star: NavarroCol, ens:navarrocol.eth

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I am requesting 500 $DAI (17492 $Bright).

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