DAO for Manna 2.0

Manna is a cryptocurrency that is distributed one per day to verified users using BrightID. Manna is currently in the final stages of completing a transition to the IDChain blockchain. As part of this transition, Manna governance will move to a DAO and away from the nonprofit organization H4H. The voting for the MannaDAO has three criteria:

1.) One vote token per user.

2.) Conviction voting.

3.) Delegated voting (Users can delegate another user to represent their vote.)

Based on these criteria, the Manna team is looking for the best methodology in which to create and provide public interaction with the DAO.

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Thanks for this.
Can they state the APR they want to use for this?

How can I join and vote for manna

Are there any other DAO projects that have made successful integrations with BrightID we could look at as a template for how to govern your DAO? I’ve been impressed with the DAOHaus suite of tools for managing a DAO, but I am not sure if it could support votes on the IDChain blockchain.

It may be worthwhile for brightID to partner/work with DAOHaus or other DAO launchpad/housing services so that projects DAO projects using IDChain can easily govern their DAO on chain.

Hope what I am saying makes sense and helps in finding a solution to your problem!

Can you clarify what you mean by APR?

This is yet to be determined. The purpose of this forum post is to explore available options and find out what method may work best :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with DAOhaus but will certainly take a look. Thank you for the suggestion! Initially, there will be a more simplified DAO built on IDChain without the more advanced features listed above. From my understanding, this will not be very difficult to create. However, the later implementations of elements like conviction and delegate voting will likely require more complex tools and solutions.