Creating Soulbound Cluster


On February 2nd, TripleSpeeder made a post on the BrightID forum titled “Implementing Soulbound NFTs with BrightID”. For those unaware, BrightID’s implementation of Soulbound NFTs locks the NFT to a BrightID. The most useful use case would be when a wallet is compromised. In this case, the user only needs to go to the rescue website to retrieve their NFT from their compromised wallet.

At around the same time, BrightID was close to reaching 10 000 followers on Twitter. It was decided that it would be a suitable time to test out BrightID Soulbound NFTs. The 10k celebration was a complete success, minting 1000 Soulbound nfts in an hour and a half. There are roughly 300 mints left at time of writing, but we expect them to be done minting by the end of the week.

The mission of Soulbound cluster can be summarized as:

  1. creating and finding new uses for Soulbound NFTs
  2. furthering the Soulbound NFT standard
  3. writing open source code examples for other to use
  4. ruthlessly exposing and mocking all fake Soulbound NFT attempts


The Soulbound Cluster will consist of the team behind Project 10k. We can all be found on Discord with the following usernames:

Adam Stallard

Plans for the future

During the 10k celebration launch we noticed 2 main issues, they were:

  1. Users asking about sponsorships

  2. Two transaction bind, which could lead to users binding a unlinked contextid to their BrightID

The planned solutions to these problems are:

Asking BMain DAO for a donation of 835 subscriptions which will give at least 10 000 sponsorships by the end of the first year. The subscriptions will be sent to the SBC Aragon DAO here Aragon

Moving to signature based contextids

You can expect these changes in the next soulbound project

We will be creating a separate post to request partial funds for Project 10k and can be found here