Coordination Cluster Funding Proposal

Proposal Information

This proposal will be used to pay Coordination Cluster members for their work prior to February 1st 2022.

Proposal description

This proposal will fund the Coordination Cluster gnosis safe

Proposal Rationale

What coordination cluster does:

  • Write tweets for @BrightIDProject on Twitter
  • Write articles about BrightID project updates (such as the Fairdrop Retrospective and the Bitu Update posts on Medium)
  • Communicate with members of other clusters to better coordinate our efforts

Link to proposal vote

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

On Discord:




Fluchtzwerg#7652 (Serge)



Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of $Bright requested:

444 hours * 61 $Bright = 27084 + 3 (for gas) = 27087 $Bright

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:


More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:

Each member will be paid in $Bright the equivalent of $20 USD/hr for their work. We decided at $20 USD/hr because this is how much a BrightID Star hosting Connection Meetings are paid. At $Bright’s current price of $0.33 USD, this works about to be roughly 61 $Bright per hour. The hours below represent the amount of work done up to and including January 31st 2022.


Yazdaaniam: 200

Dama: 50

Serge: 50

TalonM4: 3 + 3 Bright (for gas)

Marto_francisco_: 1

Torgmeister11: 40

Total amount of hours worked (Prior to Feb 1 2022): 444 hours

Some notes:

  • At this current time both Dama and Serge did not claim any hours. We have claimed 50 hours for both of them in case they need funds urgently. If they end up claiming under 50 hours each, then we will leave the funds in the multisig until the next pay period (and deduct from the proposal amount). If they end up claiming more, we will request the difference at the next pay period.
  • We expect to put out another funding proposal at around the end of March, and every three months after.
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