Coordination Cluster Funding Proposal (April - June 2022)

Proposal Information

This proposal will be used to pay Coordination Cluster members for their work from April 1st 2022 to June 30th 2022.

Proposal description

This proposal will fund the Coordination Cluster Gnosis Safe

Proposal Rationale

What coordination cluster does:

  • Write tweets for @BrightIDProject on Twitter
  • Write update articles that can be found on the Giveth page as well as at
  • Communicate with members of other clusters to better coordinate our efforts

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

On Discord:




Fluchtzwerg#7652 (Serge)




Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:


More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:

Each member will be paid in $Bright the equivalent of $20 USD/hr for their work. We decided at $20 USD/hr because this is how much a BrightID Star hosting Connection Meetings are paid. At $Bright’s current 7 day average price of $0.05 USD, this works about to be roughly 400 $Bright per hour. The hours below represent the amount of work done from April 1st 2022 to June 30th 2022.

Bitsikka: 81 hrs (21 April, 21 May, 21 June)

Yazdani: 142 hrs (58 April, 52 May, 32 June)
Han / Senryu: 12 hrs (4 April, 4 May, 4 June)

Talon : 40 hrs (13 April, 13 May, 14 June)

Additionally, we are requesting an extra 10% of the $Bright paid in the February-March funding proposal to compensate for the large decrease in the price of $Bright.

Amount of $Bright requested:

81 + 142 + 12 + 40 = 275 hours * 400 Bright per hour = 110000 +1912.6 (10% of last proposal) = 111912.6 $Bright