Coordination Cluster and Soulbound Cluster Price Adjustment

Proposal Information

This proposal is requesting funds to help mitigate the loss of funds due to the price of $Bright falling

Proposal description

This proposal will fund the Coordination Cluster Gnosis Safe to be distributed to Coordination and Soulbound Clusters members

Proposal Rationale

What Coordination Cluster does:

  • Write tweets for @BrightIDProject on Twitter
  • Write update articles that can be found on the Giveth page as well as at
  • Communicate with members of other clusters to better coordinate our efforts

What Soulbound Cluster does:

  • Generate standards for BrightID soulbound NFTs
  • Work on projects that involve BrightID soulbound NFTs

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

On Discord:

Fluchtzwerg#7652 (Serge)

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:


More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:

Coordination Cluster and Soulbound Cluster would like to request a price adjustment for their members who have held onto their Bright during this bear market. As well, Coordination Cluster would like to also adjust for their most recent proposal as the price used was not correct (0.0280 vs 0.03). We understand that this request is odd, however we ask that this is done as a goodwill gesture. In the future, Coordination and Soulbound Clusters’ price adjustments will follow stringent requirements. We will only request if within 30 days of a price adjustment, if the price of $Bright drops more than 50%, we will request 33% of value lost to compensate.

For this proposal, CC and SBC decided on a 25% price adjustment on Funding proposals paid out in $Bright @ $0.25+ and 10% on proposals paid out in $Bright @ $0.05,

The math for the value of this can be found here: Coordination Cluster + Soulbound Cluster Price Adjustment Proposal - Google Sheets

The total we are requesting for this proposal is 151753.75 $Bright