Build "Smart User" Verification

BrightID provides a public graph based on the users’ connections. It also tries to provide unique account by analyzing this graph. So much of the whole system depends on user behavior. And this is where education becomes important. We know that most users are not attackers, and we only need to explain what to do and what not to do.

BrightID has complex parts, and so far, we have been explaining these parts in our Gitbook and in the connection parties. In the connection parties, the hosts don’t have enough time to explain important parts, and in addition, We have users who do not understand English well. So here, a misunderstanding occurs. And as for the Gitbook, many people do not prefer to read long texts.

The idea is to create one-minute videos and embed them in the app. And users have to answer a few questions after watching each video. Users can receive the “Educated” verification after completing the entire process.

In this way, users will see a video after installing the BrightID app and before creating the profile that welcomes them and gives them an introduction of BrightID. It emphasizes that BrightID doesn’t ask for any personal information, and you should never sell your BrightID.

Other topics will be “Making connections”, “Connection Levels”, “Meet verification”, “Bitu”, “Aura”, “Linking Apps”, “Social Recovery”, etc.
Of course, we start creating videos based on the priority of each topic. In my opinion, “Social Recovery,” “Bitu,” and “Linking Apps” have the higher priority.

This verification helps with having a better graph and reduces the number of faulty connections. It also reduces the number of users’ questions. It can maybe help with the duration of the connection parties.

I take responsibility for the whole thing, and @Dama will help me design the app pages. I asked @rightehsan to help me because he was one of our first stars and has a lot of experience in interacting with users. I also appreciate and welcome any help to build this verification.


My recommendation would be never sell your BrightID.


I like the sound of “smart user” instead of “educated” as the name of the achievement. It sounds better to me in English.


What would be the reason for sale? my brightid is priceless…


This week I present a cideo idea that I have. I’ll start with the recovery.

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Can we just say that selling your BrightID is fraud?
As you are undermining/gaming the system.


I feel the term “Educated verification” is confusing because you introduce yet another kind of verification, next to meets, bitu and seed. Is that the plan?
Is it really a verification? E.g. will the status “educated” be a prerequisite to become meets verified?
If iso, how would that work with all the other topic video’s?

Wouldn’t it be better to keep this as purely informational/educational to keep it simple?


Agree with @haicu. From the description it sounds like it is not really a “verification” like “Meets” or “Bitu”. It is more like an Achievement like “Get Sponsored”.

If we do go for it, I think “Get Orientation” or “Pass Orientation”(if they have to take a quiz) is more appropriate phrase.