BrightID User Docs translated to Portuguese

Proposal Rationale

After being away from the BrightID sphere for too long, I wish to come back and keep the conversation going (i am on the spectrum so pls patienc).


…or rather, what I did.
Step 1. Read through the Original using SQ4R (some reading strategy) to get the gist
Step 2. Set up second monitor to my left-hand side, containing the Original Documentation, and the primary monitor directly in front of me.
Step 3. Hence I began literally typing the text in PT as I read it in EN.
Step 4. This was done until there was no text left in the Original Documentation.

How will this make BrightID better, or its DAO?

In no way whatsoever. I’m afraid there are very few people from the lusophone world that use BrightID right now. So I am sorta pitching this as a future investment, if you will (if there ever was any investment in the past, you let me know :sweat_smile:). Just an investment. Maybe the platform indeed grows large enough to touch LATAM. Furthermore:

  • People will be more comfortable and less intimidated…

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” —Nelson Mandela

  • …which is paramount on a very experimental and uncertain novel market: build trust
  • Very few in Brazil are bilingual; and those who are, are privileged. This audience is small in number. Therefore, translation is a good thing to have because it reaches the masses
  • I did it all by hand and did my best — imbued it with good energy xD


No one so far.

Final Considerations

  1. There might be some mistakes here and there in markdown, I’ll recheck it right now

  2. We had some issues with the following terms: staking, gas and farming.

  3. To stake is to risk something of value, to have responsibility and/or ownership over sth (e.g. stakeholders) essentially, to have “skin in the game”… problem is, there exists no equivalent term in Portuguese that sufficiently encapsulates the verb “to stake”. Let’s see what the experts have to say:

  4. Apostar” is the infinitive form of the verb “To gamble”. Maybe we could fit “to wager” in there, too. Now “emprestar” is outrageous. Right here and now, with my word as a man, my vows and my integrity, all that I’m willing to stake, in order to prove you that I’m right and this A.I. is smoking nothing other than CRACK. That term would not work in any scenario where staking is used, simply because one does not stake one’s money on a certain 1-year-period investment with the purpose of lending it to the bank. Surely, 1 year later, there’s his money back. To stake, financially, almost points to the amount of risk involved in some investment.
    Well, the term “investimento” already implies risk in Portuguese. So why not just use that? So I made the choice, and it was done. (And I still recommend ChatGPT, it’s the first time I’ve seen it tripping over the most evident obstacle where it would obviously trip which is language. Let’s see how far ‘natural language’ goes for living, spoken languages that get updated in real time, 24/7, as you speak 'em.

  5. Gas and Farming (got that one)
    There is a .md comment in the translation covering this gas thing, however, since I’ve got no reviewer…
    that’s already in the bag as well.


This took work. I just can’t quite quantify how many hours I spent doing it. It was 2 weeks of “engagement”, ruminating about it, and so on, and probably 20 hours of work. I’d say enough for Adobe Creative Cloud and something for my mom. Maybe 800 $BRIGHTs? (≈150$ as of today)

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Looks good to me. Checking the translations using Google Translate leads to a very clean translation. I’d be happy to create a proposal on your behalf for $500 worth of $Bright (~18000). $500 because that’s the precedence, and it’s hard to believe that you spent less than 2 hour a day working on it.

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I am very happy that you see it that way.
I used to correct writing essays from high school students as a paid internship during my times at “Letras” (literally letters, the way brazilian dubbed a Linguistics Major) and wrote a lot of cheesy poems as a teenager. I think I might’ve lost 'em all in the last OS switch. Oh well.

As for the document itself, it can be infinitely refined so as to transmit the message in a clearer still manner, in english and portuguese too, as the original version in its intonation (it’s vibes.) it’s gotta very clinical, imperative and objective vibes. I mean, it’s good for instructions, obviously, but not so good to introduce people to new ideas, onboarding 'em, explaining new concepts etc.

Although I am migrating to IT, I can still use the language thing should the need arise. Anyway, I appreciate the humongous value, but yeah, I spent a lot of time with that. Regardless, I’ll make sure to give back to the community for this excellent example of what decent cooperation looks like! Cheers~