BrightID Teams and Game

Some initial thoughts on creating a game and structure for BrightID Teams.

Users should be able to give information to the BrightID algorithms about which accounts they think are valid and which accounts they believe will accurately select other valid accounts.

Even better than doing this alone, users should coordinate in teams to do these tasks.
Each user should be able to mark other accounts as

  • I believe this account is valid.
  • I believe this account is valid and will accurately select other valid accounts
  • and maybe use a confidence range for both of those questions

Let’s imagine what this could look like with emojis.
If a user gets sufficient validation from the Elephant team, they get an :elephant: badge.
If they also get a bunch of validation from the Tiger team, they can also get a :tiger2: badge.
If voting members of those teams ever lose confidence in the validity of those accounts, the badges are removed.
The teams have an incentive to self police their membership to make their validation valuable. The accuracy of the teams’ validation can be tracked over time by comparing its badge holders to the results of the best algorithms.

Perhaps we could even create financially incentivized competitions between the teams to see which ones can most accurately validate the social graph.

Without getting hung up on any of the specifics, imagine something like:
At the beginning of every month a team submits all of the BrightID accounts that it thinks are valid. At the end of the month all the teams are scored against the best algorithms we have.

Perhaps they get 1 point for every Verified account they have validated
-5 point for every Unverified account they validated
-100 for any Attacker account they validated

Whatever teams have the best scores win prizes.
Maybe teams pay something to compete.
Teams that are good at this game will earn funds. (could be shared with their members)

I have loads of connections on BrightID and I have spent a lot of time looking at the graph.
I could definitely provide a lot of value to any team playing these games.
Lots of us could.
This could be a lot of fun to play, generate funds, grow BrightID, and dramatically strengthen our anti-Sybil reliability.