BrightID Praise Proposal

What is Praise?

Praise is a comprehensive community intelligence, reputation and rewards system designed to help communities create a more engaging online environment.

Praise allows community members to acknowledge each other’s contributions and practice gratitude by “praising” peers. This bottom-up approach values peer recognition, keeping the community engaged and invested, while promoting a more positive and productive online community. Praise gives active builders more influence and power within the organization, which is an important consideration in building a strong and sustainable community. The Praise system is user-generated data, trustworthy, and un-gameable.

Why should I use Praise in my community?

Embracing a gratitude culture and gathering decentralized updates on what is happening is a key resource to keep the community informed and take action on the issues that matter. We are dedicated to providing data-driven insights that help communities make informed decisions and create positive change.

Use Praise for insights. Praise creates into how your community functions . Praise provides different types of data analysis and reports. We call it community intelligence.

Use Praise to build reputation scores. Praise provides a transparent and verifiable record of community contributions.Praise has a built-in feature that allows the creation of reputation scores which can be used to reward contributors for their efforts. In the future, reputation could be used as a governance tool, without financial power ensuring builders get to communicate ideas, since reputation can not be sold in the market. This feature is easy to use, even if you don’t have any prior experience with Web3 technologies. We also support more advanced use cases, such as creating POAPs, NFTs or verifiable credentials that can be used to securely store and share information about an individual’s qualifications, achievements, skills, and other attributes.

Use Praise to reward contributors. Contributors are rewarded based on actual contributions and impact. Praise allows contributors to reward peers for their participation and loyalty with tokens, points, badges, or other virtual rewards. Praise integrates with a variety of token distribution platforms. This system can help organizations create better user experiences, increase user engagement, and foster a more supportive community.

Use Praise to build a culture of cooperation, giving and gratitude. Praise is a powerful tool that can help build strong communities, foster cooperation, and mutual support among members. By allowing community members to easily give Praise to other peers for their contributions;a positive feedback loop is created that motivates people to continue performing well and contributing to the community.

Praise → Learn → Score → Reward

How to get started using Praise?

Installing a Praise Bot in your community’s preferred communication channel or platform (Discord, and other platforms to follow), allows community members to openly express gratitude towards each other for any kind of task, action or behavior… The Praise maps the full spectrum of created value - ranging from small to large contributions within the collective.

The Praise data is stored in a database and can later be used in various ways, depending on the decision of your organization.

Deploying Praise is more than just installing a Discord bot. In order for Praise to be fully utilized and to accomplish its purpose; the deployment teams needs to identify the Praise roles inside the community, which will be discussed in the next phase.

How can BrightID benefit from Praise?

With the actual tipping, members are giving away their tokens to recognize their peer’s contributions. Within BrightDAO, Praise creates a process that distributes tokens or reputation, depending on the BrightDAO’s wishes. When using Praise, BrightID embraces a gratitude culture. The Praise criteria and cultural values will be decided by BrightdDAO.

With Praise you achieve:

  • Community development
  • A proven reputation system
  • Robustness via Decentralization
  • Encourage participation
  • Sustain contributor motivation and engagement
  • Decentralize updates

Praise has been trialed and tested in communities such as; the Token Engineering Commons, Commons Stack, Giveth, Gnosis, with few more organizations in the process of launching their Praise deployment.

In order for Praise to be successful and accomplish its purpose, we need to identify the following Praise roles in the community. General Magic can host an educational onboarding session to explain the deployment processes, and do a demo of Praise in action.

Praise Roles

Stakeholders. This person, or group, analyzes governance decisions (and makes the decisions open to the community to participate).

  • Articulate measurable goals for utilizing this reward system
  • Make preliminary decisions about the configuration
  • Introduce Praise to the community

Praise Lead. This is the main Praise POC for the community.

  • Consider responsibilities of stakeholders
  • Recruit quantifiers
  • Assign quantifiers for each period
  • Open and close quantification periods
  • Host quantification reviews
  • Answer questions from the community about Praise

Praise Minter. This is a technical role.

  • Mint or acquire tokens for distribution
  • Distribute tokens
  • Produce analysis reports

Reward team. This group is generally consists of the Praise Lead, Praise Minter, Cultural Analyst and any other stakeholders…

  • Oversee Praise operations
  • Address any problems or issues that arise
  • Make information open and accessible for feedback (if desirable)

Reward: Members of the reward team will split the roles and should get compensated by their contributions; counting the hours until roles and time contributions are well defined.

Cultural Analyst. This person is responsible for checking that the outcome of Praise is aligned with the community’s stated objectives.

  • Evaluate the analysis reports
  • Gather community’s sentiment about how Praise is working

Quantifiers. This is the group of community contributors responsible for quantifying each Praise, i.e., giving each Praise a score.

  • Read Praise documentation
  • Quantify the Praise assigned to them for a given period
  • Identify duplicate or invalid Praise
  • Seek clarification from the Praise giver for difficult Praise
  • Attend post quantification review sessions

The number of quantifiers is a configuration option that can be changed at any time. Individual quantifiers can be added or removed. It is also possible to have quantifiers automatically selected from a pool.

Reward: Extra amount from the rewards distribution 700 Bright per period. We recommend at least 3 quantifiers per period.

Praise Givers. This group of contributors are allowed to dish Praise inside the communication platform .

  • Evaluate the analysis reports
  • Gather community’s sentiment about how Praise is working

Praise Givers is a configuration option that can restrict who can dish Praise. This is useful for communities that want to restrict dishing Praise to a specific group of contributors.

Suggested: Bright Stars and admin can grant this role to anyone in the community that reaches them out.

Proposed funding and rewards distribution

The purpose of this proposal is to introduce a new way of distributing rewards to community members and gather a reputation that will potentially be used for conviction voting in the gardens following the BrightID covenant. The proposal suggests using data from the Praise system, which is user-generated, trustworthy, and un-gameable, instead of the current TipBot. By using the Praise system, the rewards can be distributed fairly and accurately based on the actual contributions of community members.

Amount BRIGHT requested

The amount requested will be determined by the discussion in this thread. There are three suggested options. The first option requests the community to distribute the funds. The second option is the same as the first, however General Magic would support setting up the Praise roles. And the third option is to set up Praise only for data gathering.

  1. 120,000 BRIGHT: We propose to distribute 10k BRIGHT every two weeks during the first six months. This amount is small because its purpose is to serve as an extra for those who do good in the community and incentivize the community to dish Praise and embrace the gratitude culture. The main goal is to start gathering all forms of contributor data, so in the future the community can use Praise as a Reputation tool.

The funds will be distributed to community members based on their contributions, as measured by the Praise system, for the next six months. This process will involve using the Praise system to track and evaluate the contributions of each community member. Then BrightDAO will distribute the funds accordingly to reward contributors who have made valuable contributions.

  1. 150,000 BRIGHT: General Magic will provide support if the community needs guidance on how to set up the reward roles and assure those work as intended.

  2. Alternatively, we can set up Praise at no cost and without rewards, only to start capturing and storing the data for future use.

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred

Sub-dao or multisig with the members responsible for distributing the rewards given by the Praise system.

General Magic Team Information

General Magic provides solution services and product development to Impact DAO’s.

We support commons-based organizations and public good projects. We build digital products, governance tools, and economic systems, General Magic has a proven track record and high success rate.

Our team of designers, developers, system architects, researchers, writers, and seasoned Web3 professionals have the knowledge and insights to support the ever growing demands of Impact DAOs — both by integrating with existing teams and creating resources from scratch.

Learn more:

Website -
Twitter -

All the numbers are based on estimates. Our intention is to hold space for the community to debate the proposal. We can make changes and revisions to the proposal before submitting to the gardens.


Thanks @Zeptimus . I moved this to the #bright-dao:ideas category.

Praise seems to require a team of people to make it work, so people must step up to take on those responsibilities before we can make the proposal.

Everyone please check out BrightID Praise Proposal “Praise Roles” and claim a role you can fulfill. You will earn my praise :wink: for doing so.


Remember that Option 3 would involve installing the Praise app in your community and using it to save data. This option does not require the use of roles. It is up to the community to decide how to best use the app and the data it collects.

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I can tentatively be “Praise Minter”, since that’s what I currently do for Coordination Cluster.


Would like to apply for Praise Minter, Have been doing that for many firms such as, Cat Star, Bondex, Core etc.


@Zeptimus Where do we read about options 1,2, and 3?

I like the idea of people on discord earning $BRIGHT for helping out. We used to have a working tip bot, and I’m sad that it doesn’t support gnosis chain anymore.

Praise seems like a fairer way to distribute $BRIGHT to helpers, but harder to implement.

@TalonM4 Since there are two applicants for Praise Minter, would you consider Praise Lead?

A note on how the $BRIGHT would be “minted.”

I think the $BRIGHT will not be “minted,” but would come from proposals to Bright DAO on a recurring basis (which you obviously know how to do). There’s no reason the Praise lead couldn’t make the proposals to send the tokens to the Praise minter who would then handle the per person distributions. The praise minter would probably learn how to make proposals if they don’t already know how.

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It is over here BrightID Praise Proposal under Amount Bright requested heading.

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I would like to be a Praise Giver: based on pre-established criteria I will — with my human margin of error, as any good judge would assume — exercise my judgement to analyze if the contribution and/or statement in general is worthy of Praise and keep the standards where they should be (not too high = discouragement/not too low = Praise loses value).

Although I do think this would need to go beyond cold hard meritocracy. People need very little encouragement (in some cases) in order for them to show remarkable results. A good strategy for this is as follows: DAO demographics is attracting people from 3rd world countries (including myself). And while we need to separate the wheat from the chaff (and that includes even the possible punishment of exile upon myself, if my efforts aren’t up to par), man, when pinned down by life, feels like a product of his environment. Therefore, it is interesting to consider dishing out Praise with a slight liberality/gratuitousness, at least in the early stages of a member’s life in the community, in order to switch that around,
to transform him, as the poet says, in a true master of his fate and captain of his soul.

That is the very crux of this dark, cyberpunk-ish new reality we are faced with: we can give them a chance to channel a tremendous amount of repressed energy that can be harnessed, for what exactly, I wouldn’t know.

Listen, man, from this point on, I don’t know you, important community member A doesn’t know you, important community member B doesn’t know you. You yourself will show everyone who you are. Write your fate and decide your destiny…

And pride belongs to he/she who actually “did the thing”, and produced the works. So Praise goes to them. Or whatever the stakeholders define as worthy. Something like that.


Are you in our Discord? What is your discord handle?

If not, here’s the invite link. Wise for you to be there to coordinate and all.

@castall You can read the different options in the ammount requested

Giving and receiving praise can be a great way to build morale and reward individuals for their contributions to the community. It can feel overwhelming at first, but it’s a natural and rewarding process. The potential of praise goes beyond just distributing rewards - it can also be used to build a reputation and benefit the community in various ways. For example in the future, it can be used to give governance power to builders or create proposals as stated in the covenant.

In smaller communities, a group of 2-3 members can handle the main roles of praise without it becoming too burdensome. In regards quantifiers it’s a good idea to have a pool of them, or a group of trusted people who can do it on a regular basis.

As for praise givers, it depends on how decentralized the system is and whether everyone is able to give praise. In the TEC everyone is able to dishpraise and If the system is working well since quantifiers can flag duplicated or disqualified praise to ensure that the process is fair and unbiased.

I’d like to propose installing the praise app on the server while the DAO figures out roles. This way, we can start recognizing and appreciating each other’s efforts and contributions right away. And if the rewards proposal is approved, we can distribute them retroactively.

I believe this small step can have a big impact on team morale and motivation. Let’s show our appreciation for one another and make this a positive and supportive work environment.

Would anyone object to installing the praise app in the meantime?

I’m in favor of installing Praise. Please lead the way and let us know what permissions you need.

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We need an Ethereum address for the person who will be the praise admin in the app. Additionally, it would be helpful if we could have admin permissions on the Discord server in order to invite the bot and set it up.