Brightid Gitbook Chinese Translation

** Proposal Information **


I am Shahin Mridha, an interpreter besides my studies for 5 different languages (Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, English, Bengali’s). i have been studying in China for the last 3+ years. My proposal is to translate Bright ID’s gitbook (BrightID - BrightID ) into Chinese language. Brightid’s biggest clients area is China but the Chinese people are more comfortable with the Chinese language rather than English thought this ratio going to flip in the future, so I work with and emphasize creating a translation plan that makes Chinese users comfortable to use and most important to get educate easily about Brghtid.


the doc file of the translation will be sent to the responsible team member.

this could be the result link (

Address to deliver the funds:

metamask wallet (0xe33e95E19F927F364D617E35FFb3E92aa29a62b7)

Translation cost :

Total cost: 800 Bright

If you need anything I am always there. I would love to answer your questions. Thanks :slight_smile:

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@Dama , @ShahinMridha has delivered the translation to you. I think as soon as Initial page - BrightID-中国人 is live, we can create the proposal. I believe it’s waiting on you–are you blocked in any way?

This is the finished product BrightID概述 - BrightID-中国人 Nice work @ShahinMridha and team! Looking forward to sending you funding.

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Live proposal.