BrightID Discord Bot - Epic 2

For context on this post, refer to 🤖 BrightID Bot Development

Epic 2 - Utilize New Discord Bot features

Admin Flow Upgrades

Current Admin has a few features

  • !invite Sets the invite link for the server displayed in the !guilds command
  • !role Sets the custom role name for ‘Verified’ users
  • !guildAddress Sets the ethereum address for the guild used to track sponsorships

While these features are functional, they are very ugly and could use some TLC to help admins properly utilize brightid’s discord features

New Features in Discord Bot

Discord has done some large upgrades to bot functionality within discord.

Most notably:

Thanks collabland for showcasing all these cool things

Update: Sponsorship Sign Page

I’m adding a deliverable to Epic 2, the Sponsorship Sign page. The ability for the Discord bot to support Sponsorships is done, however in order to push to prod, we must have a page where admins sign to verify their address. This is impossible at the moment through collabland/discord, so we must bake in our own solution.

The page will have a button that asks the user to sign a message on behalf of the Discord, and will update the bot accordingly.

For this I will ask 2000 extra BRIGHT from the original proposal amount.


  • 120 BRIGHT / hr
    (about $60/hr with a BRIGHT price of $0.50)

  • 18000 BRIGHT + 2000 BRIGHT (for sign page) = 20,000 BRIGHT
    Priced in working 5 hours / day, 5 days a week for 1.5 months

  • Recipient Address: 0xf4bb53efcfd49fe036fdcc8f46d981203ae3bab8