Bright: you can also farm

Hi guys, this time I wanted to bring you a guide on how you can farm and earn more BRIGHT tokens.

step 1
we will have to create an LP in the HNY / BRIGHT pair.
to make an LP you must go to honeyswap (Honeyswap Interface) you buy the coins, in this case we are going to buy HNY and BRIGHT.
Screenshot 2021-11-01 09.39.30
Screenshot 2021-11-01 09.39.09
in this case buy a small amount to be for an educational guide.
already having our tokens purchased we go to the pool in honeyswap
Screenshot 2021-11-01 09.43.23
we give you in adregar liquides (add liquidity)
We place the pair that we want to provide liquidity, remember that you must place 50% of each tokens
example here :point_down:
Screenshot 2021-11-01 09.46.38
we confirm in metamask

Step 2

after having the LP tokens we go to the faidrop $ BRIGHT page ($BRIGHT Fairdrop)

we are looking for the farm pair HNY / BRIGHT
Screenshot 2021-11-01 09.53.57
On the card you will give us all the information:
APR: 223%
total liquidity: $336,598.62
having all the information you can give the sign +
Screenshot 2021-11-01 09.58.59
you approve with your metamask
Screenshot 2021-11-01 10.00.10
you confirm the transaction with your metamask
Screenshot 2021-11-01 10.01.32
ready you are farm with BRIGHT. Congratulations…

To withdraw the rewards you just have to click on the HARVEST button and that’s it

I say goodbye guys I hope to continue bringing information so that you can enjoy all the benefits of BrightDao