$BRIGHT / STAKE Farm on xDai


Create a rewards pool that lasts 2 months and pays 175,000 $BRIGHT to $BRIGHT / STAKE LP holders.

This is a gesture of good faith that the xDai community will move forward with a $250,000 match in STAKE tokens.

At the above proposed rate, the matching funds and a future allocation of about 350,000 $BRIGHT would sustain a total of 12 months of farming rewards. These additional funds would come from future proposals.

Please read the idea post for more background.

How the proposed solution improves BrightID or Bright DAO

It’s important for those working for Bright DAO to have liquidity to off-ramp their payments into wallets from which they can pay their bills.

Your team

This is the same multisig that funded the $Bright fairdrop, the current farms, and the gardens vote farming rewards.

Members: @castall @monomesa @bitsikka @Serge @Paslar @UBIpromoter @Triplespeeder @yazdaaniam @CurlyBracketEffect

Funding Information

Amount of BRIGHT requested

175,000 $BRIGHT

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred


How the requested funds will be spent, including a breakdown of the work involved

  • 175,000 $BRIGHT to a $BRIGHT / STAKE farming rewards contract to last 2 months

Deliverables: how will we know you’ve succeeded?

  • A correctly configured and deployed rewards contract
  • A link to the farm on the farms page.

The above two items will be provided gratis by the multisig owners and BrightID core team.


Don’t know a lot about farming, but this is a no brainer to say that it is good for the DAO. I support this proposal.

There’s some fuzz in xDAI DAO about xDAI <> Gnosis migration. Not sure it is a good time to create $bright <> $Stake pool.

Here’s the proposal.

I asked @Monstrosity about that and he said it’s fine.

What do you mean, care to elaborate? whats the problem