$Bright ETH mainnet rewards continuation [POLL]

$Bright ETH mainnet rewards have come to an end, and we have the opportunity to renew them with approximately the same level of funding.

The last two reward periods were funded with pre-allocated supplies of $Bright from the initial mint. Each reward period lasted 2 months and rewarded 350,000 $Bright for an average APR of about 200%.

This continuation will require a vote of BrightDAO.

We’ve discovered that with uniswap v3 rewards, each user holding farming NFTs must transfer them to the new rewards pool. This requires interacting with the farms page and costs gas. Because of this hassle for farmers when there’s a new reward period, @UBIpromoter @Serge @Triplespeeder @GriffGreen @bitsikka and I propose having a longer reward period this time–either 4 or 6 months.

Please vote on the poll and we’ll create a proposal based on the results.

How long should the $BRIGHT/ETH rewards pool last?

  • 4 months
  • 6 months
  • end Bright/ETH mainnet rewards

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