Aura Payment until January 6th, 2023

This proposal will be used to pay the Aura development team.
The hours below represent the amount of work done until January 6th, 2023.

TheMonkeyCoder: 11:21:30 - 35$ per hour → 397.54$
Beigi: 35:47:00 - 35$ per hour → 1252.41$
Amirerfan: 19:57:40 - 30$ per hour →598.83$

Also, I requested an upfront payment of 350$ in the previous proposal to deduct from this month’s proposal. However, since I’m still having financial challenges, I plan to deduct this amount from the next proposal instead of this one.

Swap and bridge fees: +5$
Previous proposal price change: -26.8$

total: 2226.98$

I mistakenly wrote 2023 instead of 2024