A thought for the verification process based on 5 levels

Balancing the verification process through automatic algorithms and real human verification could be the best way to achieve the goals of BrightID.

Having both processes can give more certainty of real human people behind a bright ID account, thanks to the verification levels.

This is what I do think can be done to achieve the goals.

1-2 Automatic process through algorithms after the first onboarding phase is done Level 1: show up; Level 2: bring friends.

3-6 Levels, These levels can only be achieved by getting connected to people in higher levels. Example: To achieve a level 3, you have to get connected with X amount of people in level 4 or above, and the very same for lvl 4 and 5.

Level 6 are only designated by the dao voting process.

So, for getting verification process for lvl 3-6 is good to have a different approach in meetings, setting goals that can actually create bonds between the people.

3 meetings of 1 hour with no more than 10 people can be set to get a verification process of lvl 3, and moving up through the levels the requirements can be greater, (5 meetings, or on site meetings).

Then, when the system is fed with good actors, the automatic process can scale slowly, going from 1-2 to 1-3 and so forth verifying people through every single level, until there’s no need for the verification parties and lvl 6 people.

This is just a thought

And I do think It can help get rid of bad actors at the beginning of the process, that would help ensure the full automatization of the system down the road.