Use BrightID for vote-farming reward distribution

Idea: Use BrightID for the reward distribution instead of the amount of tokens wrapped in vote-farming.

To avoid whales buying up a ton of tokens on the market to farm “risk-free” in the gardens DAO and collect the majority of the rewards. Every DAO member should be equal, regardless of the amount of tokens they are holding.

A verification level higher than level 0 would be preferable to avoid possible sybils attacks.


Nice idea! Another option is quadratic (e.g. take the square root of the amount). Either option works better with BrightID integration. Do you think we should first create a proposal to add BrightID integration to gardens DAOs?


Thank you :blush:

Yes, I think we could start with that and add more functionality later.

I’m open to use quadratic as well as long as BrightID integration is being used :sunglasses:


A proposal has been made by @sem integrate BrightID into Gardens DAOs!

This should move your idea along. We’d still need another proposal to modify the vote farming contracts. @sem may have more info, but he told me privately it would be easy.


I like :partying_face:

I strongly support this idea

good discussion I support the idea