Should Bright DAO support the creation of LearnTap, Unitap's web3 learning platform?


LearnTap is the innovative new web3 learning platform being jointly developed by BrightID, Unitap and NoFunZone. Think Duolingo for web3: this easy-to-use platform is focused on onboarding new users to web3 by making blockchain fun, and by using blockchain to do it.

Platform Description

To begin their web3 journey, players mint an avatar NFT that represents them on the blockchain. As they play through modules and learn more blockchain fundamentals, their NFT avatars level up, grow and evolve. Growing your LearnTap NFT helps build your Web3 Resume, which is an on-chain ledger of your blockchain accomplishments and skills.

To get through the game, players will need to make all sorts of smart contract interactions on all sorts of chains. And, as you know, they’ll need gas tokens to do this - that’s where Unitap comes in. Players will initiate their blockchain adventures by grabbing gas from Unitap faucets. In so doing, they will naturally be introduced to BrightID, and will make an ID for themselves.

About BrightID, Unitap, and NoFunZone

BrightID, Unitap and NoFunZone are all deeply committed to the creation of LearnTap, as education is a vital element of increasing web3 accessibility. The biggest shared goal of all 3 organizations is the proliferation of blockchain technology by easing the onboarding process. Therefore, the development of LearnTap is a critical step in achieving this shared goal.

Benefits to BrightDAO, All $BRIGHT Holders & New Buyers of $BRIGHT

LearnTap benefits BrightDAO and its members in 3 ways:

  1. Improved Proof of Uniqueness - the LearnTap platform introduces a way for people to build their Web3 Resumes. This means that they can start accumulating decentralized proofs of things like courses they’ve completed, tests they’ve passed and coding challenges they’ve overcome. As users build their resum3s, their wallets and web3 identities become more and more distinct and well-defined. LearnTap share’s BrightDAO’s core belief that all humans can benefit by being able to prove their uniqueness, and that they should have the right to maintain their privacy, and that BrightID is a tool to achieve this goal. Combined with BrightID’s proofs of identity, LearnTap’s proofs of aptitude and exercise will further increase people’s ability to define their unique features while maintaining autonomy of their information. LearnTap also provides ever-growing utility to having a unique and provable web3 identity as the use of web3 resumes for job application and DAO application grows.

  2. More Users - players of LearnTap are compelled to obtain gas tokens from Unitap by creating a BrightID. As a result, LearnTap increases the userbase of both Unitap and BrightID (not to mention blockchain in general). More people being onboarded to BrightID means an increased interested in it and its governance, and thus an increase in demand for $BRIGHT for governance participation.

  3. More Revenue Streams - the LearnTap game introduces numerous new revenue streams, including sale of the flagship LearnTap PFP NFTs that provide utility, along with the sale of purely aesthetic NFTs that players can buy to modify their gaming experience and show off. Bright ID and Bright DAO can earn revenues from these NFTs via royalties, an initial distribution of NFTs, or something else (specifics TBD).

Point 1. illustrates how LearnTap’s success and proliferation completely fall in line with the highest goals and values of BrightDAO. All 3 of these things serve to increase demand on the $BRIGHT token, the use of the BrightID platform, and participation in BrightDAO. Point 3. introduces the potential for additional revenue streams, which would increase the flexibility and speed of BrightDAO.

Therefore, LearnTap would provide a vast amount of value to BrightDAO and $BRIGHT holders.


This general SUGGESTION PROPOSAL puts forth the idea that BrightDAO should support the development and implementation LearnTap. Roughly, this includes development of the educational game, the website platform, and marketing related to the platform’s success. The specifics of BrightDAO’s support will be democratically decided on via future proposals.

Seems like a valuable addition to the ecosystem that the DAO is building around itself. BrightID is a less confronting way of providing sybil resistant ID than Proof of Humanity and Unitap is the perfect way to onboard new users be simply giving them tokens to play around with. The synergy with a learning platform is obvious (here’s how you do something and here’s how you get a token to do it, now go do it!)

Only concerns would be how do you differentiate from all the the other learning platforms out there? (Metamask Learn, Bankless Academy, all the learn to earn programs on CEXs).

Also that perhaps we are spread a bit thin as is? Many features on Unitap still to launch and Aura is pretty confusing for new users.

Thanks for replying friend! :grin: I appreciate your input a lot. And I’m glad that the synergy here is as obvious to you as it is to us! We’re very, very excited about it.

We hear your concerns about being spread too thin. We’ve definitely got a lot to build, and only so much effort to distribute at a given time. This is exactly what we’re focusing on right now - an outline of the steps and resources necessary to build it all! We’re looking at what parts to work on first, what parts to work on last, what parts to work on simultaneously, who is specialized best to work on what, etc. I’m happy to say that the runway outline is already coming along rapidly!

We’ve concluded that LearnTap is a very high priority, because it vastly improves all the other products being built. This is because it builds users. No matter how few errors the GasTap smart contracts throw, the code isn’t useful if no one is using it. LearnTap is the initial onboarding that has been missing from all the other products to really get people unfamiliar with web3 to start using them. LearnTap also generates brand new revenue streams, such as selling in-game swag and subscriptions to content, which further enhances the value in prioritizing it and getting it done sooner.

Another thing to note is that it’s not just the Unitap and BrightID teams working on LearnTap, but NoFunZone’s devs, game designers, artists and writers as well. NoFunZone is also contributing in other ways, like assisting in grant applications. As a result, the Unitap and BrightID teams are not spread nearly as thinly as they would be otherwise.

As far as distinguishing our platform from the other platforms you listed, there is a monumental difference between them and LearnTap: LearnTap is going to be fun. Although our content is built from courses, curriculums and syllabi, the frontend user experience is going to be solving puzzles, collecting items and leveling up. Rather than boring people with video lessons and paragraphs to read, we are teaching people blockchain by creating a simple and engaging user experiences that compels the players to use blockchain. This is the right way to teach.

Most blockchain games fail because the barrier for entry is to high for the majority of people who are intimidated/confused by web3, so they only get played by people already in the space. Most blockchain education platforms suck because they aren’t fun, and most of the people using them are already in the space. We’re going to avoid both pitfalls by bringing the barrier of entry to 0, and by making the experience truly enjoyable.

Another thing that distinguishes us from the other platforms is that we’ve got some special sauce for lowering the barrier to entry that no one else has. Our users won’t need to buy tokens to pay fees - we’ll just send them to the GasTap. Our players won’t need to sacrifice their privacy - we’ll be able to verify users with BrightID. Our players will also have clear and understandable rewards to earn through progression via PrizeTap.

It is for these reasons that BrightID, Unitap and NoFunZone have all made LearnTap’s development their highest priority.

I hope you find this response helpful! :grin: Please let me know if you have any other questions!!! Feel free to DM me any time! :smiling_face:


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