LearnTap Development Funding Proposal

Title of Proposal

LearnTap Development Funding Proposal

Proposal Information

Proposal Description:

I propose that we help fund the development of LearnTap.

LearnTap is the universal onboarding hub for blockchain. People new to blockchain can discover the value of blockchain, how it works technologically, and how it impacts society - all while having fun!

This is a follow-up to a prior Suggestion Proposal supported by BrightDAO. View the proposal here: Gardens

Proposal Rationale

The Problem: The value of BrightID, BrightDAO, the $BRIGHT token and Unitap is not clear to the public. Generous statistics estimate that ~4% of the global population owns assets on blockchain. With such a small audience, innovations as fundamentally important and amazing as decentralized identities and DAO governance go unappreciated and undervalued.

The Solution: LearnTap. By providing diverse, easily accessible and fun experiences that imbue the fundamentals of blockchain, we can onboard the world to web3. These experiences include video games, comic books, video courses and beyond.

Alternative web3 education solutions like MetaMask Learn and Coinbase Learn fail because they are boring. There is no compelling story, no flavor, no excitement, and no clear reason to engage with these apps. Sure, some of these platforms offer cryptocurrency rewards - but how is that valuable to a user who does not understand cryptocurrency?

Other web3 gaming platforms also fail to onboard because they expect their users to already understand blockchain. Rather than eliminating barriers to entry, games like Gods Unchained and InfinityKeys simply produce their own barriers to entry. They provide no onboarding resources for people new to blockchain.

LearnTap is different because it is fun-forward. All of LearnTap’s games and videos are built on a rigorous curriculum of the fundamentals of blockchain (decentralized governance, cryptography, immutable ledgers, etc.). However, the curriculum is on the backend. Users are able to freely play, explore and learn with no gas fees, no web wallet, and no prior experience.

As users learn new blockchain topics, the rote “boring” version of what they learn is recorded in their Journal, which they can access freely. This creates a diversity of options in the learning experience: users can refresh their memories on prior topics or dig deeper into them at whatever rate they like as they play through the games.

Without the onboarding and educational value provided by LearnTap, BrightDAO, BrightID, and countless other amazing projects are stymied by blockchain’s barrier to entry. This is why funding the development of LearnTap is absolutely crucial to the growth of both BrightDAO and web3 as a whole.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):

LearnTap will be available to the public in November 2023.

Check out a preview video of what LearnTap gameplay will look like in this pinned tweet: https://twitter.com/EvanOnEarth_eth

Team Information & Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:

Estefania Ochoa - Governance Guru, Community Builder, Artist, Writer, Event Organizer, Educator and Web3 Veteran

  • Prior role(s): Head of Protocol Relations at Reach; Director of Event Management at InnerSpace

Evan Gottschalk - Blockchain Architect, Project Manager, Fullstack Engineer, Game Designer, Educator and Web3 Veteran

  • Prior role(s): Blockchain Architect at EcoVerse; Technology Teacher at Rogers Memorial Library

Estuardo Polanco Bobadilla - Marketing Mastermind, Brand Designer, Content Creator, Product Strategist, Educator and Web3 Veteran

  • Prior role(s): Social Media Manager at Bitfinex; Growth Marketing Manager at Reach

JP Miller - Curriculum Architect, Orator, Content Creator, Product Strategist, Educator and Web3 Veteran

  • Prior role(s): Director of Developer Experience at Reach; Program Manager at Maydm; Cofounder at Skragglies Digital Marketing and Web Design

Dr. Tammy Francis - Bizdev Guru, Blockchain Professor, Advocator for Justice, Content Creator, Educator and Web3 Veteran

  • Prior role(s): Business Development Mentor at Africa Blockchain Institute Incubation Program

Funding Information

Amount of BRIGHT requested:

We are requesting 99,999.99 $BRIGHT.

The tokens will be distributed between:

  • Paying team members for their work (engineering, design, marketing, operations, etc.)
  • Paying for software overhead (software subscriptions, AI services, etc.)
  • Paying for website overhead (domain ownership, website hosting, server tools, etc.)
  • Paying for web3 overhead (gas fees, IPFS hosting fees, etc.)

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred: