Build and fund a DAO "Coordination Cluster"


Bright DAO functions as “a collection of teams self-organizing and rallying to contribute: verification helpers, anti-sybil researchers, user-experience experts, and many more.”

New teams are forming rapidly as Bright DAO grows. These teams are focused on their own immediate objectives and not always aware of everything happening within the Bright DAO ecosystem.

In other words, the DAO’s demand for coordination between these teams will only continue to increase as the ‘self-organizing’ becomes more complex with each new team that joins the DAO.

Another issue facing the DAO is that there is a tremendous amount of building and development taking place, but the story of the DAO’s growth is not being told in real time. This is a problem because it limits BrightID’s adoption potential.


We are interested in building a small team of 2-4 individuals within the DAO whose purpose is to facilitate effective communication and coordination between the teams who are busy building with their heads down, and to educate outsiders as to the great strides the DAO is making due to the efforts of these compartmentalized teams.

The objectives of the team should be

  1. “Infiltrate” the DAO through the individual teams; build a comprehensive understanding of the direction of the DAO as whole, as well as an understanding of the individual teams.
  2. Begin the process of documenting progress in a way that is accesible to people who are outside the DAO. The goal in documenting this progress is to foster adoption of BrightID and to attract more teams into the DAO.

While “infiltrating” a team to understand and document the DAO’s progress, the Facilitator team will not only seek to report on what is being built, but will look for opportunities to aid the team’s development by connecting threads of information siloed within teams.

The Faciliator team will need to be skilled in content writing, narrative development, content editing and curation, critical thinking and communication skills. Graphic design and video production are examples of good optional skills.

Forming the team

We believe it will be ineffective to hire a marketing or business development consultant to take on this mission. Even hiring an individual for a position on this team using traditional hiring methods such as ads and job postings is not likely to result in a quality hire. This team must be formed organically from within the DAO.

The team can be formed slowly as candidates arise and make themselves known. A formal proposal can be made for their compensation once they have proven their value to the DAO. If formed correctly, this team will provide infinite and almost undefinable value to the BrightID project.


Some discussions regarding this post are already happening inside a locked channel in the BrightID discord channel (mostly name suggestions at this point). We have agreed that the team should probably be labeled a ‘Cluster’ for now and that the word ‘Facilitator’ must be replaced with something that hopefully paints a better picture of the team’s function and also fits in with BrightID’s astral theme.

Some name suggestions we have thus far are:
-Astronomers Cluster
-Neuron Cluster
-Apollo Cluster
-Comms Cluster
-Pulsar Cluster
-Observatory Cluster

Please reach out to be added to the Discord channel or simply add your input here. If you are interested in being apart of this team please express your interest here. I personally would like to be apart of this team, and I understand that the other members of this team may need to be recruited from outside the BrightID ecosystem - so please send anyone who may be a good fit to this forum post!


Coordination Cluster seems like a clear name to me and it has a nice CC connotation.


As I understood we need a team who can work on connecting BrightID teams and completely understand what they do and document their works.
However my opinion is the Facilitator team must focus on another job besides others, it should be a bridge between BrightID itself and the rest of the world by introducing BrightID and connecting these two. There are several approaches to do it such as participating in seminars and exhibitions, contacting other crypto projects by being an actual member of their community, etc.

As we all know promoting and sharing the content with the audience is much more important than just creating them.

as the word facilitator says, this team should also increase the efficiency of each team and the larger scale, the whole project itself. However, it’s pretty soon just in case of figuring out how we do it, I don’t want the roles getting more complicated at this point.

First, we need to determine the roles :

  1. We need at least one facilitator responsible for each team. For instance, we have a developer team of four members and I think we need two facilitators to cover that team and one of these two should be responsible for the whole developer team to report to the leader of the facilitator team.

  2. The leader of the team, who should be one of the facilitators and should organize the weekly meetings, reports, and communicate with other projects, and facilitate other facilitators.

  3. Content Creator should be someone who others can make sure they can create whatever content they want. I think Dama and I can cover this position.

  4. social media, someone who has access to our social media, for example someone who can write a tweet or post a message in our discord announcement channel

Note that each person can be in charge in several positions. Provided that it does not reduce the efficiency of the team.

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The word ‘infiltrate’ is not the right word to use in this post. I think some better words that could be used are: ‘embed’ or ‘integrate’… The Facilitator’s team will ‘integrate’ with developer teams, not ‘infiltrate’.

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I’d like to parrot what you’ve said here so I can make sure I am following correctly and so is everyone else reading the thread:

The Facilitators’ team/Coordination Cluster needs:

  1. A specific lead/point of contact for each developer team they interact with.
  2. A Coordination Cluster lead who manages and oversees the operations of the CC team.
  3. The team will need a content creator(s) - to produce written articles, videos and other content
  4. Access to the Bright ID social media stream

I agree with all of this except

  1. Access to the Bright ID social media stream

CC doesn’t need this because social media output (tweets, medium posts) can be submitted to BrightID core team (Core team’s chief responsibility is to safe-guard anything that could be perceived as “official.”) or it could be output under a BrightID CC stream (think an unofficial BrightID news outlet).


It makes sense to me that BrightDAO could have a Twitter presence of its own. I think Gitcoin and GitcoinDAO is structured like that too. Likewise Bankless and BanklessDAO are separate twitter presences. I would imagine there would be need for coordination/guidelines/separation-of-concerns in what is said from the two so as to be in harmony.

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Furthermore if we have BrightDAO twitter handle, it is probably good idea to use for publication of content like other DAOs including Rabbithole does. There are web3 native potential with that publishing platform not found elsewhere that we might want to use in some of the publications.

This does makes sense, but since @brightproject has thousands of followers and rarely tweets, it really needs help, so we should submit our tweets there. It’s also linked to from our website.

Hi, I’m from Venezuela, I would like to join the team, I would like us to take this team and turn it into bright workers

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